SA:MP World Cup

SA:MP World Cup  

Event name
SA:MP World Cup
5th Sep - 5th Oct 2008
San Andreas Multiplayer
Violent Life server
64 players
1v1 tournament
Various servers
The biggest 1v1 competition in 2008! There are 64 players from whole SAMP, fighting each other to become the world champion. The tournament is based on knockout mode, where every player can pick the weapon to fight (sawnoffs, uzi, tec9, pistol, spas, shotgun, deagle, sniper, rifle). The tourney was mostly the running weapons competition, as most of the players used sawnoffs/uzi.

4th October - 1/4 finals are played.
The best 8 players are here to try to pass through the semi-finals, that will be played on 5th Oct. Milos predicted that his opponent will be Supersonic, but he will have to face Blawdziew instead. [RBK]OptimA will fight [EA]Player, who is still wearing EA tag, even the clan is closed. [b64]Luka is fighting AM_A13, while the match of the day is [b64]Enginer vs [RBK]Fisher.
Enginer and Fisher fought first and it was not close as we expected. Enginer won 6-1. Next match is between [RBK]OptimA and [EA]Player. Player was leading 3-1, but OptimA made a huge comeback and won 6-3. Luka didn't have much troubles with P13 and won 6-2.
The last match is between Milos and Blawdziew. After Milos' 3-0 and 4-1 lead, everything looked over, but Blawdziew made a comeback, setting the final score 6-4 and winning the match. Milos accused him of cheating after the match, claiming that Blawdziew was cheating during the last 3 rounds. However, Blawdziew is in the semis.

5th October - the final day.
Matches are played on SAMP World Cup server, hosted by Violent Life especially for this event.
First match was between Luka and OptimA. Epic match! Loads of comebacks, match ended with OptimA winning 8-6.
Then comes the famous match between Enginer and Blawdziew. Enginer was one of the tournament favorites from start, while Blawziew beat Milos and nobody knows what to expect from him. After the first 3 rounds, the result is 3-0 to Enginer, but Blawziew makes the compeback once again, winning 3 rounds with 1hp left. Enginer is now asking the organizers to continue the match on Violent Life training server, as there is anti-cheat system installed. Blawdziew is threatening that he will leave the match if they move on another server, but the referees decided to move on VL training server. Blawdziew didn't leave and the match continues. It was not much of a match then, as Enginer won the remaining rounds easily (6-3 final score).
We are now back on the SAMP World Cup server, where the final is played in front of more than 30 spectators and more than 40 people watching it on IRC. After Enginer's 3-0 lead, everything was over, OptimA managed to win 2 rounds, but could do nothing more. Enginer is the world champion! And it was more than deserved.
OptimA won the second place, while the third place went to Luka, as Blawziew left right after his defeat and missed the opportunity to fight for 3rd place.

After the tournament, Enginer is awarded the greatest player in Violent Life history and the best [b64] player ever. The guy really deserved it, as he is truly the best in world.

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