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At the time when Vice City was staring to be a little bit out of fashion, most of the longtime waiting for a new multiplayer mode which would allow them to play San Andreas online as well. After various unsuccessful attempts from various developing teams, the SA-MP team arrived with their project and generated huge attention. Everyone fell in love with the new project and it was obvious that the multiplayer mode for GTA San Andreas was upcoming. Not everyone had left the VC scene and joined SA-MP at the time, but there was a bunch of renowned guys who had decided to step on the new territory and start taking over. That bunch is called the golden generation.
Blog | Views: 1372 | Downloads: 2 | Added by: Fisher | Date: 30 Jan 2014 | Comments (28)

We have had the so called "congress" today and I know that everyone is interested to see what was the big discussion about, so I decided to share the details. This wasn't any congress (how some people here like to call it), it was just a discussion on the high level, where we it was determined what will B64 do next. Most importantly, it is decided that the big B64Club's farewell tourney will take place in late December, while its promotion campaign will start for a few days. As for the other stuff, we were discussing about Juggy's recent interview, FlatOut WT invitation and the relations with uCoz.
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Something outstanding was achieved this night, something that no other team will ever achieve! XT-S done it! They went on the top of the FlatOut world for a second time! The only difference between now and 2010 is that XT-S have dominated the competition this time like no one before! This is the first time ever that some team wins FlatOut league without losing a single match. XT-S qualified to the playoffs from the league's top position, where they beat Heat Club in the semifinals and then secured the eternal glory by beating LadS in a match of the year!
Blog | Views: 840 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: Marcus | Date: 11 Nov 2012 | Comments (7)

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