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The Congress
13 Nov 2012, 10:37 PM
We have had the so called "congress" today and I know that everyone is interested to see what was the big discussion about, so I decided to share the details. This wasn't any congress (how some people here like to call it), it was just a discussion on the high level, where we it was determined what will B64 do next. Most importantly, it is decided that the big B64Club's farewell tourney will take place in late December, while its promotion campaign will start for a few days. As for the other stuff, we were discussing about Juggy's recent interview, FlatOut WT invitation and the relations with uCoz.

People who attended the discussion were Juggernaut, Luka, Milos, ManOwar, Mamacumba, Ganso, Butters, Venom and me.

As I have already mentioned, the long awaited B64Club New Year Tournament will happen between 15th and 30th December. B64 should start the promo campaign this week, after the main article is created. The competition will be advertized on various gaming websites and we are hoping to gather 32 to 64 participants.
Juggy also decided to create a small Punk Shot tourney for 16 players in late November, so get ready for it! In my opinion, it is such a shame that B64Club will get closed soon, but it actually had to happen sooner or later. I really admire Juggernaut for paying everything from his own pocket in order to carry it until the end of 2012.

Boulevard 64 have also received an invitation for FlatOut Winter Tournament that will take place in December, but as expected, B64 will not participate on the tourney. It will be the last competition officially organized in FlatOut. at least that's what they say (but we all know that we can't really trust Bundes and Heat on that). Some teams will come back from the retirement, SUPER, CKP and Sputnik for example. They are still trying to convince Diamond to come back but I don't think that DMDs are willing to play.

I would also mention the discussion B64s had about the 'uCoz case'. As you already know, B64 participated uCoz' "Best Website Contest" last year, and decided not to participate any uCoz' competition since then. B64 was recently invited to take part in uCoz' newest contest, but the invite was rejected (view Luka's article posted in news for more info).
During the discussion this evening, it is only confirmed that B64 will continue to evade uCoz' contests. I would personally like to see b64 in there, but I fully understand the decision. The uCoz jury did horrible job last year, letting some unknown website to win the awards and then those same websites were shut down. Some of them even earned a place on the uCoz main page and b64 was left behind for some reason. At the end, Luka and Juggy decided that b64 will continue with this until uCoz puts this website on its main page or does something that will show their respect for what B64 have done.

Even Ganso and I were more just watching than being involved in any decisions, it really got me tired. I was happy to see B64s debating with the same energy like in the old days. Hopefully some betters days will come.

For the end, start preparing for the tourney of the year and enjoy!
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Can Juggy tell us how many RD are allowed to compete in final tour, is there any limit?

No limits for the final tour. Standard limits for November's tourney (2-3 I think).

RD taking over these tourneys, get ready

Always bro cool

any day, any time wink

RD menace broooz

Can't wait the tourney! smile

haha me and snizzy just wanted to create a team for b64club xD

Unlimited respect for Juggy cool

didn't expect Luka and Milos tongue honestly ucoz staff isn't worth a penny

lol they were online recently?

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