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We are happy to present the first episode of the recently announced series SA-MP Legacy. The objective of this serial to gather the old SA-MP players and friends of the clan, who will recall the good old days and give out their own views on SA-MP history and the role they had there, and also share their own stories and experiences that we might didn't know until now. For the debut episode of the series, we have invited two guests. One is Rowdy, one of the BK clan leaders and head admin of Los Santos Gangwars, one of the original servers of SA-MP. Another is Hoodlum, one of the best known faces from the early days of SA-MP and then-leader of his Hoodlums clan.
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In the eve of upcoming winter holidays, we are pleased to announce that Boulevard 64 is launching the series called SA-MP Legacy. First and foremost, we have to thank our clan's friends for coming up with such an initiative and creating such interest within B64. SA-MP Legacy will serve as a countdown and will include series of articles that are projected to lead into the 10th anniversary of Boulevard 64 on 14th of May 2016. Its format will very much resemble that of SAMP Legends, which was hosted on our website in 2011.
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After a while, we are back with some refreshment in the news feed. One of Boulevard 64's key members, Yuri, aka ManOwar, was keen to meet up with a big friend of ours, Live Radio Online host Fisher, and dish out an interesting talk. As the first hand experience teaches us, whenever there aren't much news to fill the columns, it's safe to get in touch with LRO and come up with something to talk about. It was no different this time. It was no different this time, as ManOwar was happy to share his thoughts with Fisher on various topics.

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