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2011 in numbers!
Boulevard 64 is glad to announce that the past year was the most successful to us so far, achieving some numbers that were looking impossible during the past years. In terms of views, B64 more than doubled last year's statistics in almost every aspect! The reason of this popularity increase was our mix of FlatOut events we participated in and the mini events we organized. Aslo, B64Club had a huge impact in helping us gain this popularity that is still actual. The facts that we had the strongest FlatOut following and that we managed to gather so much players during the mini tournaments also resulted the increasing of B64Club members. So far, we have more successful website than any clan in SAMP or FlatOut.

Here are some statistics:

Our website publishers had made 57 articles in 2011, which is 30 more than in 2010.
Also, in terms of views, articles on Boulevard 64 website had more than 600.000 views in total, having more than 2,2 million hits.

B64 achieved an amazing number of about 11000 average views per article, which is the absolute record of this website.

For example, in 2010 our average views per article were 4100. In 2009, during our SAMP days, this number was not more than 2000.

In comparison to other familiar websites, we had a great success. For example, Bundeseinwahl website (which is the official FlatOut community one) had average views about 6000, while Heat Club's site achieved not more than 3000 avg views in 2011.

Among the other communities, UberCrue had not more than 1500 average views. For example, Novocaine's average was about 200, while MOB Community and KFC had less than 100 avg views.

2012 started well for us, having made 2 news article which have 20000+ each.

We want to thank you for your trust, enjoy!
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