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B64's Bijelo Dugme Completion
We are happy to present you the Bijelo dugme best songs completion of Boulevard 64's own choice. As a decent number of people on these boards originate from Balkan, we decided to release this set as the big fans of this legendary band. Also, we are sure than anyone who actually likes rock'n'roll music will love this completion! For those who didn't know, Bijelo dugme can be translated as White Button and was the most popular thing to exist on former communist Yugoslavia during the 1970s and 80s. B64 has been propagating this much on FlatOut and especially on Live Radio Online, which resulted many users wanting to get more familiar with Bijelo dugme.

Bijelo dugme was formed in 1974 and soon became the most popular band in the former Yugoslavia. The first band lineup was made of Goran Bregović (guitar), Željko Bebek (vocals), Goran "Ipe" Ivandi
ć (drums), Zoran Redžić (bass guitar) and Vlado Pravdić (keyboards).
Basically, this was the first band that gained mass popularity and actually made rock'n'roll music the most popular genre in the region.
From 1974 to 1977, Bijelo dugme released many singles and three incredibly popular albums, easily breaking every selling record to exist ("Kad bi' bio bijelo dugme", "Sta bi dao da si na mom mjestu" and "Eto! Bas hocu!"). In 1977, the band had the greatest open concert ever on Eastern Europe.
Hajdučka česma concert in Belgrade became a myth, with no particular evidence of the people attending there (the number even varies from 70000-100000 to million people). After concert, Bijelo dugme released the first live album based on Hajdučka česma concert.
The following years were massively successful for the band, with new selling records set after every album release ("Bitanga i princeza", "Dozivjeti stotu", live album "5. April '81" and "Uspavanka za Radmilu M").
In 1984,
Željko Bebek left the band and it seemed like Bijelo dugme will be closed, but Goran Bregović found a solution - Mladen Vojičić "Tifa". However, Tifa didn't last even one year. He left the band after only one album in 1984 (which was untitled but also the record breaking). Another studio completion "Sanjao sam nocas da te nemam" was resealed the same year.
During the next three years, Bijelo dugme brought Alen Islamovi
ć on the vocals and released two massively popular albums ("Pljuni i zapjevaj moja Jugoslavijo" and live album "Mramor kamen i zeljezo - Live '87").
In 1988, Bijelo dugme released its last studio album, named Ćiribiribela. The album featured several massive hits. One of them was "Đurđevdan", that was actually a folk song, which became the symbol of the Christians and the most popular song ever to exist in Balkan countries. The album also contained the controversial song "Lijepa naša", that was the last try to reconcile Serbian and Croatian sides in the country and evade the brutal war that happened few years later and destroyed Yugoslavia. The song was a fusion of Serbian and Croatian biggest nationalistic songs "Tamo, daleko" and "Lijepa naša domovino" (However, this song is excluded from the completion).
At the 1989, Bijelo dugme was disbanded during the tour that should have lasted until 1st April, cancelling their concerts in China and USSR.
After the band was disbanded, most of the former members continued with solo careers. Goran Bregovi
ć was the most successful, having very successful career as a film music composer, later becoming very known in the whole Europe.
During the 90s and early 2000s, there were many speculations and ideas of Bijelo dugme reuniting but
Bregović kept denying that. However, in 2005 Bijelo dugme reunited with Bregović on guitar, Bebek, Tifa and Islamović on vocals, Redžić on bass guitar, Vukašinović and Jankelić on drums and Pravdić and Ristovski on keyboards. The band held three Coca-Cola sponsored concerts in the capital cities of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. On the first concert in Sarajevo, Bosnia, the band attracted more than 70000 fans on Koševo stadium. The second was held in Croatia capital Zagreb on Maksimir stadium, where 85000 people attended. Finally, the very last concert of Bijelo dugme was held in Serbia's capital Belgrade, on Belgrade Hippodrome. More than 250000 people attended this concert, making it probably the biggest concert held on Balkan.

Downloading available until 7th April 2012


Goran Bregović - guitar (1974–1989)
Željko Bebek - vocals (1974–1984)
Mladen "Tifa" Vojičić - vocals (1984–1985)
Alen Islamović - vocals (1986–1989)
Zoran Redžić - bass guitar (1974–1975, 1977–1989)
Jadranko Stanković - bass guitar (1974)
Ivica Vinkovic - bass guitar (1975)
Ljubiša Racić - bass guitar (1975–1977)
Sanin Karić - bass guitar (1977)
Goran "Ipe" Ivandić - drums (1974–1976, 1977–1978, 1982–1989)
Milić Vukašinović - drums (1976–1977)
Dragan "Điđi" Jankelić - drums (1978–1982)
Vlado Pravdić - keyboards (1974–1976, 1978–1987)
Laza Ristovski - keyboards (1976–1978, 1984–1989)


Studio albums

Kad bi bio bijelo dugme (1974)
Šta bi dao da si na mom mjestu (1975)
Eto! Baš hoću! (1976)
Bitanga i princeza (1979)
Doživjeti stotu (1980)
Uspavanka za Radmilu M. (1983)
Bijelo dugme (1984)
Pljuni i zapjevaj moja Jugoslavijo (1986)
Ćiribiribela (1988)

Live albums

Koncert kod Hajdučke česme (1977)
5. april '81 (1981)
Mramor, kamen i željezo (1987)
Turneja 2005 - Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd (2005)


Iz sve snage (1975)
Singl ploče (1974-1975) (1982)
Singl ploče (1976-1980) (1982)
Sanjao sam noćas da te nemam (Velike rock balade) (1984)
Nakon svih ovih godina (1990)
Ima neka tajna veza (1994)
Rock'n'roll (Najveći hitovi '74-'88) (1994)
'Ajmo curice, 'ajmo dječaci (2005)
Best of 1984-1989 (2005)
Ultimate Collection (2007)

Video projects

Uspavanka za Radmilu M. (1983)
Ćiribiribela (1989)
Nakon svih ovih godina (1990)
Ima neka tajna veza (1994)
Antologija 1 (2005)
Antologija 2 (2005)
Turneja 2005: Sarajevo-Zagreb-Beograd (2005)

20th January - Reached 10000 downloads (3644 through B64 page, 6356 through FileServe).
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