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B64's last match: b64 vs sL
The time has come for the Boulevard 64 last match in FlatOut. Many times in the past there were talks about closing down the community and our last match. Firstly, the All Stars event was supposed to be the last FlatOut event, so B64's last match was supposed to be the one versus Diamond. After that the community decided to move on so we continued and finally retired after winning the World Cup. Stunting Legends were formed right after that and were already promising, earning their reputation quickly and finally winning the Winter Tournament several days ago. We decided to end this so called agony and finish our FlatOut adventure on Friday , 16th December!
This dream match is officially the last match of Boulevard 64 in FlatOut Ultimate Carnage. We have been challenged several times by Stunting Legends but refused to come out of retirement just to play one match. After sL won the Winter Tournament, we finally decided to arrange so called the biggest match this year.

FlatOut community will probably continue with existence in 2012, as I heard the new league will be organized, but b64 will surely not make any more appearances.

The match will happen on Bundeseinwahl Official Arena, the same server where we played the World Cup final. Slots for participants will be limited to 20, with 60 additional slots for live spectators, which will cost you 2€ to watch. For those who aren't paying, the Java channel will be opened with the free entrance and 200 slots, where people will be able to track the scores live and see the chat, but their messages will not be visible for the players participating the match.
The match is set to start at 23:00 CET, with the entrance opened one hour earlier.

I'm still not sure about our match lineup or the modes we will pick for the match. Surely, we will play seriously this time.

Boulevard 64 full squad:


Boulevard 64 won its last match by beating Stunting Legends 3-1. It was really good and tough match where both sides had a pretty good performance.

R1 High Jump:
Team B64: 23, Team SL: 13.
R2 Curling:
Team B64: 21, Team SL: 15.
R3 Ski Jump:
Team B64: 15, Team SL: 21.
R4 Darts:
Team B64: 24, Team SL: 19.



This match had the biggest following ever so far and is considered as the biggest FlatOut ever played. Here is some evidence of people tracking the match:

20 people on the server (16 players + 4 referees).
60 people spectating through Bundes Live Spec.
200 people tracking through Live Java Channel.
900+ people tracking through Live Java chat.
12 people tracking through B64Club's LRO chat.
24 people tracking through Diamond Live chat.
35 people tracking through Bundes Live chat.
Unknown number of people tracking through Heat tracker.

We can proudly say that more than 1200 people were directly or indirectly included in this event!
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