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B64's 4th Birthday
Four years ago on SA:MP server called Bloody Killers, one of the most memorable crews ever started their reign. Now, four years later, after having retired from SA:MP, B64 is is holding its own in FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. I'd like to thank to everyone who stood by out side through the history, as well as our present FOUC squad that topped the 2v2 and 3v3 rankings in such a short period of time. We are surely not going to stop here, as B64 is now the #1 wanted clan for the full clan matches in FlatOut. We are getting ready to change the order of the game, so everyone else better be ready!

We have founded Boulevard 64 in May 2006 with the goal of becoming the #1 clan in the game and that's exactly what we had achieved in SA:MP. We have defeated everyone who stood against us and retired from the game on top. Not many others can say that they're accomplished something similar.

What have we done since May 14th last year? Well, B64 team pretty much broke most of the records in FlatOut, resulting most of the top clans wanting us to start doing clan matches and that's exactly what we are going to day. And not just that, we are going to conquer this game and I think that everyone's pretty much already aware of that ;)

Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed the development of this amazing clan, B64 is to rule many years to come!

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