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B64 Celebrates 5th Birthday
We make it 5 years today! Half a decade of loyalty, fun and kicking asses! It was and still is honor being in this world class gaming crew for so long. From kicking asses on public SA:MP servers to ruling FlatOut Ultimate Carnage. We made a promise to FOUC community on this very day last year that we will take over the business from XTS, Heat and the others, and we've done just that. Boulevard 64 is currently the best team in the game and we are all very proud of that. It took a lot of dedication to achieve that, we weren't around during FO2 and that's what makes this success to much greater.

It all begun with the big win over Heat last year, when we pretty much shocked everyone in the community. It was only our second clan match when we defeated a clan which was and still is considered among the very best in the world.
We've entered the "Famous List" and right after that defeated XT-S, the #1 team in the world. In 2011, we took their title, beating them again in the rematch. Then we've won the All Stars Tournament, defeating the best teams America had to offer and defeated the legendary Greek team Smack.

Finally, we have defeated the rest of top teams in Diamond and Sputnik and became the first clan ever to defeat all these teams and remain undefeated.

Our last match happened just 2 days ago when we've beat Heat once again in the rematch. How, after having achieved pretty much everything team and individual wise (except winning the league of course), the retirement is pretty much on the sight. There were some rumors that the World Cup is going to to be organized and we would surely come back for the biggest event in history, but they're just rumors for now.

I'd like to thank all our members, friends and people who were associated with us, there are surely many more successful years to come!
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