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B64 A/D Server Opened
B64 Battle Zone has officially been opened under the IP of! It's the very first Attack/Defend server developed by b64 clan. As the A/D type of gamemodes became pretty popular among some clans these days, we hurried up to be one of the first clans which own an authentic A/D server. For those who don't know what Attack/Defend is, it's static weapons based gamemode, where attackers' objective is to capture the certain area or kill all the defenders, while defenders need to either stay alive while defending the area for the certain period of time or kill all the players of the opposite team. Our gamemode is called B64 A/D and is scripted by Hustler. So far we have 30 attack/defend bases available and 10 TDM bases, but expect updates in all segments of the mode every now and then.

For those who are familiar with XII Attack/Defend server, that's the closest you can get to the real A/D server. Our mode is even better scripted and the bugs are reduced to the very minimum. Unlike our training server which is private, the A/D server is always opened to everyone. We will be training on it every Sunday as well.
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