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BK Turfwars Replaced By Violent Life
As the titles says, BK Turfwars server doesn't exist anymore in the same shape and form. As BK clan announced on their website, Violent Life is the successor of the server we have all enjoyed playing since the release of SA-MP last year until now. I myself have already tested the new server and mode a few times and by the looks of it, I would say that Violent Life is even better than the Turfwars server was. There is unique points ranking system for custom gangs and there are more default gangs added. The server slots are also expanded and overall the server has brand new look. It is available at I recommend everyone to give it a shot, b64 will certainly be hanging on Violent Life in the future.

Another major change concerns the server owner. Bloody Killers do not own Violent Life. The server is now owned by Barnett. For those who don't know him, he is the old fellow from MTA Vice City, notable for providing the hosting to many servers, including BK's DM server.

The server now uses the same forum, separated from BK clan. I recommend everybody to register on As announced there, the website boards are also coming shortly.

I've noticed that BK members still hold the majority of admin positions, there are also many admins from the other big clans as well as some of the Barnett's people. So far, b64 has 2 admins on the server: [b64]Luka and [b64]Hustler.

The server is currently overwhelming with clans from ex SFTDM server as well as some new gangs, and I see this server really promising to make noise pretty soon.
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