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Farewell FlatOut
It has been two seasons since Boulevard 64 joined the FlatOut competitions. We are proud to say that we played so many matches and still remained undefeated after two years! It all started at late 2009 when Milos and Hustler prepared the surface for b64's debut on FlatOut. They really did a great job by making us a high reputation squad once we appeared. Match by match, competition by competition, b64 proved that it was worthy of its position. Our first match was at May 2010 versus MOB. We won that match and started our winning streak that is still stopped. On 12th May 2011, Boulevard 64 had an honor to compete at the last ever official match in FlatOut which was played versus Heat, the team that has the most wins in FOUC history.
We won our 15th match and finished our FlatOut journey without any defeat.

Boulevard 64 is proud to be the only undefeated team in FOUC history and to be considered as one of the Five Greats of FlatOut, together with Heat, Ljemorac, Bundes and Diamond.

We had the great time playing FlatOut and really enjoyed it during these seasons with such a great friends and people, which can't be told about some other games we played.

As of now, the FlatOut Ultimate Carnage community is officially closed.

Farewell FlatOut.
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great job!


Well done smile

Big Street Fighter III tourney will be organized in August wink

There are rumors that b64 will even bring Japan SF champion Daigo Umehara or USA pro player Justin Wong. Even this is not true, b64 will sorely bring some "bomb" to the tournament. < News from b64 arcade that is not for public. Also arcade will forbid any events recording soon.

Possibility is below zero for Daigo. But it is confirmed that we will try to bring a well known profi player.

welldone pepz cool

well done b64
great article juggy

well done! best 5 teams: Ljemorac diamond b64 heat and unknowners!

Great job all. I'm sad to see end of Flatout, it was wonderful competition cool

Congrats b64.

Well done b64, nice article Jugger smile
I would like to point that b64 was truly unique during these 2 years you guys played fouc. You weren't a typical flatout squad like Heat, Diamond, XTS, Smack and others. All of those teams played almost every tourney, every ranking match and everything in order to reach and stay on top and be respected by anyone else. You guys simply didn't play fouc 24/7 like anyone else, for example Hustler done things for benefit of all flatout community by his programming, also b64 had great skilled players that showed that flatout isn't just about playing non stop, I don't even recall when I last time seen any b64 playing a random single event. That's why you guys never get into a flaming war with any other clan and great congrats on that!

Thanks Ross smile and you are right about that. You, Diamond and other league participators deserve a huge credit as Flatout required extreme activity and it was not easy to make so big and stabilized squad that can play every weekend. It may seem normal to you and other flatout clans, but I will tell you that in GTA it was hard to arrange a match and every attempt to organize a tournament was a pure fail. I will point that it is only because of the players maturity on flatout compared to immature kids from GTA, so you guys should be proud for having such a great and mature community. It was joy playing with you guys cool

good posts both of you smile

Yes, very true posts. Luka all tournament failed if you except b64 cups, we were masters of organizing cool

well done guys cool

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