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Five Years!
It has been great five years since we created the original website, that is sadly dead for years now. We used to make anniversary on good old "" every year in at 8th August. Even after it got closed, we decided to continue the tradition as it is much easier to organize anything during the summer holiday than in May (time during b64 was really established as a clan). There won't be any celebration on beach or some party style like the previous time, but this time we will use our own abilities and resources to make a top entertainment for our users and anybody related to us during our existence!

To be honest, I don't know the specific date when Boulevard 64 was created. All I can recall is that it was probably mid May, just a few days after me & co started playing server named BK Turfwars.
I myself don't know any other clan that survived this long. We pretty much evolved since the GTA days and already went above the squad/clan level, how FlatOut or SAMP teams like to call themselves.

I remember our hyperactive days from 2007's SAMP times and 2010's FOUC period (even today we are pretty much active, but it is mostly because of the ongoing tournament in FlatOut).
It is really not all about the arcade now, we can surely exist without it, but it is exactly what keeps us and will keep us all united and alive when we simply quit playing games online.

We can't promise keeping the website active all the time, it is really impossible as we are all kinda too old for this and not as active as we used to be in our golden ages (we we were, I wouldn't be the one typing this text), but we can surely promise some minor events by the time.
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