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FlatOut All Stars Tournament
Boulevard 64 presents the "FlatOut All Stars Tournament", organized by Heat Club. It will be played at 10-12th January with 16 great teams participating, including many various champions, competitions winners, records holders, titles holders etc. This tournament gathered the FlatOut elite and it is only the prologue to the FlatOut League, that will be organized by Heat and will last the whole year! Boulevard 64 decided to support Heat's competitions instead of XTS' ones, so will will be announcing the events organized by Heat this year.

More about the participants:

Heat Club
Organizer of the tournament and the league owners in 2011. Heat won the FlatOut league in 2008 and it is the team with the highest amount of wins in FlatOut.

FlatOut League owners in 2009 and 2010. Bundes achieved many awards during its competition ownership. This team has also organized and won the German FlatOut Championship in 2009.

Black Venom
Black Venom (or BV, popularly) is the best American team, that won its national championship 3 times in a row (2008, 2009, 2010). After the USA championship in 2010, BV went inactive, but they are back on the stunts again.

Super Mario Team (full name) is the best Italian FlatOut team of all time. There were 4 Italian championship and Super won it all. This team also holds several world records in 2v2 mode.

Another great team from Germany. Stones was always finishing the FlatOut league in top 5. This squad had also won the German championship in 2010.

Extreme Stunters
This is one of the old school teams that played the original FlatOut (FO1). Stunters had won many tournaments during the FO1 and FO2, and were very successful at FOUC during its early time.

Mobsters are the third German team, that is competing at this tournament. They are not so successful as Stones and Bundes, but its players are among the most respected at solo stunting.

This newly made Russian team has already won the Russian championship this week. It is made of former members of top 3 Russian squads and has the biggest potential of all teams.

Kimala Team
Although this team didn't win anything in the past year, they are still on the list of the top American squads. Kimala made its biggest success in 2009, when they reached the USA Championship final in 2009, but was defeated by BV.

Jaleco is one of the oldest squads in FlatOut. This team is founded in early 2005. Since than, Jaleco set many records and won many various competitions, including the Japan Cup in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Stators 22
Stators are the only FlatOut team from Poland. Their biggest achievement is the title of "The best 2v2 squad in 2010".

Another great Japanese team. Although inactive in 2010, CKP was the best ranked Japanese squad in 2009. They reached the Japan Cup final 3 times, but were always defeated by Jaleco.

This Greek team made its biggest success in 2008, when they won the "Winter tournament". They were defeated in the dream match by Heat, but had set the world record in High Jump at that match (which was broken in 2009).

Diamond is the best Mexican team of all time. This team organized and won all the Mexican tournaments (2008, 2009, 2010). This team were second in FlatOut league in 2009 and was leading the league in 2010, but withdrew 2 months before the league ended.

Corse in the champion of France in 2010. They will defend their title soon after this tournament. This squads holds several high scores in 2v2 modes.

The Unknowners were the Portuguese champions at 2009. After a year of inactivity, they recreated their team and will participate in FlatOut league this year.
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