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FlatOut book closed.
Boulevard 64 has closed another book of its history. After so many games, challenges and matches, our FlatOut era is now officially done. There were several periods during the past when B64 and even FlatOut were supposed to end the journey. Our last match was supposed to be the one we had in spring with Diamond and the whole community was going to shut down, but it all got extended to World Cup. We even claimed that the World Cup final match will be the last for us and even retired from the FlatOut after that, but it all came down to the recently finished 'Dream match' versus Stunting Legends. For the end, we can say that we have left in style.

What now?

There were many speculations of what will B64 do after the FlatOut era is finished, but even we are not sure what happens next. The only thing that we can surely say is that we will not shut down. It would be shame to end the most amazing run out there. We were supposed to move on Red Faction Armageddon soon after its release, but the disappointing game quality and a serious lack of popularity prevented B64 from moving on RFA. Something similar happened to Bionic Commando two years ago.  However, we will organize some gaming events from time to time, starting from Street Hoop tournament during the New Year holidays.

After more than five years of history, it's time to pull some lines.

In 2006 we were some kind of sensation, bunch of well known players making a clan that is better than everyone else. Of course, as the SAMP community was getting bigger, there were so many other teams that made the competition really strong, something we don't see often in the relatively mediocre popular multiplayer. During the SAMP days we have built the name everyone knows today.
Boulevard 64 retired from GTA in 2009, just in time. This game required a serious level of activity that we weren't able to afford anymore.
After one year of trying to find a suitable place for us, in 2010, we had moved to FlatOut.
Like in the previous case, we didn't start from zero. Some of our guys were already known in the FlatOut community which was a very good base for the beginning. At the start, B64 didn't play matches and focused on playing the singles, where we set many best scores, that were far above the ones set in the matches. Later we just did the same thing in matches, climbing among the best teams in a very short period. I guess we reached the peak by winning the World Cup this summer. Finally, B64 made its last ever FlatOut appearance in the so called dream match versus Stunting Legends. It was the most popular match ever played, having more than 1000 people tracking it in one or another way.
I guess that the decreasing community will prevent any team of making as big impact as we have made.

Once again, right now we don't know what happens next, but we will provide you with the plan soon, so stay tuned and enjoy!
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