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FlatOut: Getting ready for the WT!
Every day we are getting closer and closer to December, the month that will bring us another major event in the FlatOut universe - Winter Tournament! Unlike the previous competitions, this year's tournament will not include 3v3 mini mode competition, as the organizers and everybody else are strictly focused on the teams tournament, which will be more interesting than ever before! XT-S team will have really hard work defending the title last year. Some teams already signed up for the tournament, while the others are getting ready for it or are awaiting the special invitations. Besides this announcement, we are bringing to you the newest monthly FOUC Top 10 Rankings.

It is officially announced that Winter Tournament will take place in early December, so the season 2011 could finish in the month's first half and will be included in the Nov/Dec rankings.

Rankings (15th Oct - 15th Nov):
01. Stunting Legends
02. Bundeseinwahl
03. Heat Club
04. XT-S
05. LadS
06. United Team of England
07. Unknowners
08. Diamond
09. Black Venom
10. Hot-Wheels

This month we couldn't see as much matches as before, mostly because all teams are careful with their ranks and don't want to risk before the Winter Tournament.
Stunting Legends have been the most active team again, continuing their amazing winning streak.

Bundes team was also undefeated this month. They played loads of matches compared to the other teams but didn't have enough courage to challenge [sL] and attack the first position. It means nothing to them anyway.

Third place is taken by Heat Club this time. Heat played more matches than last month also without being defeated and it was enough to go to the top three.

Winter Tournament title defenders, XT-S, were around the expected level the past 30 days. They made a fine ratio of several wins, losing only to Stunting Legends.

LadS played identically like the previous time, taking the 5th place again. The main reason they didn't go upper is their evading of the high placed teams.

United Teams of England is sixth. UTE made an almost perfect streak this month, but the mainly playing versus the minor teams couldn't place them any higher. Seventh place this time goes to Unknowners. They are definitely back in the business.
Diamond is not active as expected. They played only few matches, but despite the relatively low position on the rankings, don't bother playing versus any clan that challenges them. Black Venom and Hot-Wheels are way more active than before, but their "win-loss" results couldn't secure them some high place.

Polish and Russian teams like M1X and Sputnik are still not interested in FOUC competitions. They are most likely counting on the special invitations as they already announced that they will play on the WT.

Among the other news, Boulevard 64 officially denied the Winter Tournament invitation and will not come out of retirement. However, it is possible that b64 will come back to play a 'Dream match' in 2012.

Special addition to this post are FOUC 2011 Total Rankings:

01. Boulevard 64 (Closed)
02. XT-S
03. Diamond
04. Heat Club
05. Bundeseinwahl
06. Sputnik
07. Unknowners
09. Black Venom

10. SUPER (Closed)
11. CKP (Closed)
12. Stunting Legends
13. pRo Team
14. LadS
15. United Teams of England

16. United Club (Closed)
17. Kimala (Closed)
18. Ljemorac (Closed)
19. Hot-Wheels
20. M1X

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