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FlatOut Winter Tournament 2012
FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is presenting the final event of the year - Winter Tournament 2012! This competition will most probably be the very last FlatOut event as the community has basically died out, but anyone with some FaltOut experience knows that this statement shouldn't be believed on a word. Unlike the previous WT, the tourney entrance is free for any registered team this time. There are 16 participating teams, including many famous old school teams which decided to gather their squads once again for this event! The competition will be based on the regular knockout tournament rules.

Unfortunately, the league winners XTS team has decided to retire and they won't be competing. However, the defending champions Stunting Legends will be on their way to defend the title they won last year, as well as 2012's league runners up LadS. Old school Russian squads like Sputnik and Kremlin Club are back for this event, as well as the all-time greats Smack, CKP and Super. With those teams being mentioned, the high-level competition is guaranteed.

Matches spectating will be free for anyone, except the final match, which will cost
2.00 per slot. There will be maximum of 50 slots available for every match on the tournament. The event organizers have supplied a prize of 50.00 for the tournament winner.

The 16 participating teams will be divided in 2 tiers, provided by Bundeseinwahl. The draw will take place on December 8th, 18:00 CET in Bundes Gaming Arcade.


 Team 1

 Team 2


 Round of 16
  Stunting Legends  SUPER 4-1
 Round of 16  Smack  Kremlin Club
 Round of 16  Unknowners  4 Stunting Darts 4-1
 Round of 16  Ultra Fenomen  BXTreme 3-2
 Round of 16  Bundeseinwahl  Hot-Wheels
 Round of 16  Sputnik  Black Venom 3-2
 Round of 16  Heat Club  CKP Team
 Round of 16  LadS  United Teams of England
 Quarterfinals  Stunting Legends  Smack 2-3
 Quarterfinals  Unknowners  Ultra Fenomen 3-2
 Quarterfinals  Hot-Wheels
  Sputnik 3-2
 Quarterfinals  Heat Club  LadS 1-4
 Semifinals  Smack  Unknowners 3-2
 Semifinals  Hot-Wheels  LadS 1-4
  Smack  LadS 1-4

The final match between Smack and LadS is scheduled for December 15th, 20:00 CET in Bundes Arena. The number of spectating slots is limited to 50. As of Monday, anyone will be available to buy a spectating slot for
2.00. There won't be any live tracking and streaming available.
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