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Grand Theft Auto V Review
The most anticipated game of the year is finally released and the surrounding hype isn't planning to fade away anytime soon! The gaming's most famous franchise just the got the kickass sequel it rightfully deserves! As we all know, Rockstar Games have done a tremendous job revolutionizing video games industry by creating GTA III, pulled out another magic with Vice City and kept dominating the gaming world all the way to GTA IV. This time there's no difference. Anything you could expect from the newest Grand Theft Auto is materialized in GTA V!

Grand Theft Auto V presents Michael, Franklin and Trevor as the three central characters. Each one of them is chasing an impossible goal of their own: a normal life, recognition and their own version of the American Dream. They all differ from each other and it’s their personal characteristics and their nature that will make you approach situations differently depending on whose virtual skin you’re going with. Each character is, for the majority of the time, but a button press away: the camera zooms out into a bird’s eye view of the city and snaps down onto one of the others after anything from ten seconds to a minute, letting you pick-up whatever activity they are currently involved in.

You’ll quickly choose your favorite, though we strongly advise switching between the trio regularly. It takes you deep into the core of the stunningly realistic picture of the city's life -  fellows getting high in alleyways chasing whatever goal comes to their mind, gangs planning hits, raids robberies or just messing around, people conversing on phones, drinking coffee in bars, stealing purses, washing money and everything you can imagine!

When GTA V hits its stride, the missions act like they’ve come straight out of a Vinewood set, they are pure spectacle in the best sense of the word. The Enemy AI is yet another evolutionary step forward for Rockstar. The gangsters, the gangbangers, the cops and the disgruntled husbands will always try to flank and overwhelm you in an attempt to get that all important bullet inside your chest. Your fragility under fire means you’ll need to approach situations smartly if you want to stay alive. It’s not that GTA V is necessarily difficult, but Rockstar seem to be aware that players have become lazy – and the lesson and advantages of using cover in an open world game are soon drilled into your head. There will certainly be less "Rambo mode" action in your mind from now on.

GTA V undoubtedly represents a progression for the series and it's clear that the limits in video-gaming industry are set. That really says everything you need to know about the new Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar has spent five years, and an enormous amount of money, building a game that is not only bold enough to step away from expectation, but brave enough to revel in its combined history as well.

Once again Rockstar Games set the new limits of impossible and gives a mind blowing homework to all those who have the open-world games creation in mind. This puzzle is unlikely to be resolved by anyone but Rockstar themselves, whenever they decide to come with another sequel.
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