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Juggy's LRO Interview
The full schedule of the Mediterranean League has been finally revealed and LRO was first to gather the impressions from some of the most known faces that will participate the upcoming competition. Boulevard 64's leader Juggernaut was among the interviewed people and he talked about the team, its rivalries with some of the other participating sides and his own expectations from the series of tournaments that will kick off in less than a week. Juggy also announced his retirement from gaming this year.

What do you expect from the upcoming series?

I'm certain that the league will be a success. I remember last year, where we had the similar situation like this but there was less hype and seriousness. The competition went well and I see this season even surpassing the previous one.

What do you expect from your own team? Are you guys ready for the competition?

Yes, we are more than ready. We've gathered a good team made of people who already won some tournaments in the past. We have two goals to achieve this season. The first one is to appear on 3, possibly 4 tournaments in the league, while another one is to win at least one of them. We'll see how it goes.

So you aren't planning to move outside Greece?

We will see. You can count on Team B64 participating the Greece tourneys. We will try to go to Malta as well, but that's far away from today so we will see what the time brings. We will certainly not go to Turkey, Italy or Egypt.

What do you think about the first competition being organized in Heraklion?

That's exactly what I've hoped for. We will have our best chance to win a cup right on the start. It's like a home stage for me and B64 will surely go for it.

What do you think about the other teams?

I didn't get to see the full list of the participants but from what I know, Play Hard has a very good squad and a large roster as well. They are going to participate every event if I'm right. ACF Team is also very strong, I know them very well and I'm glad that they are finally sponsored. Also, PC GAMING Magazine's team is very respectable as always.

I've tracked B64Club season last year. B64 and ACF are quite a rivals. Are you looking forward to play against Righi in the league?

There has been some positive rivalry between us for the last two years. Righi won it last year and I was the second, while the reversed situation happened in 2011. I don't know about their subs but Righi and Pinezze (ForzaViola) alone are very skilled team and they have a nice chance to win some tourney. We won't play against ACF this season, simply because they will not play outside the Italy and we will not play there, so it looks like there won't be any chance for us to meet.

Are you sure that ACF won't be playing outside Italy?

I'm a very good friend with Righi and we talk very often. He told me that he is currently in France and that ACF will only attend the tournaments in Pisa and Rome. He was also not happy to hear that the seventh tourney was scheduled to take place in Pisa instead of Florence.

You are a part of the gaming scene for a few years now. How serious do you take this and how often do you practice?

This will maybe surprise you, but I don't practice at all. However, I go to the arcade place very often and I play against some people there, it is usually Alex, the place owner, who is in fact very good in SF3 and AE. I also play online very often, that is my only true practice. I take these competitions seriously enough to gather a team and try to win them.

What are you planning to do next, after the league is over?

The league is only a qualification for the grad tournament in summer. However, that's so far from now and I'm not even sure if we will compete there. Last year, I had some interview with PC GAMING and I announced my retirement from gaming at the end of 2012. Now it is 2013 and I'm still around (laughs). Seriously, I'm going to quit gaming after this league is over. I've been planning to do that for almost a year. In spring I will retire, that's definite.

Does that mean no B64Club and no online tournaments?

B64Club is officially closed since December 2012 and there won't be any more competitions organized by B64Club. I might participate some random online tourneys for fun from time to time, but that would be either very rare or never. I'm leaving you with Righi and Iyo (Play Hard member), they are more serious than me (laughs).

The last question: Aegean or Mediterranean sea?

Aegean of course.

List of the tournaments in the series:

1. Heraklion Tour (8 Teams)
Heraklion, Greece

2. Zillion Cup (16 Teams)
Athens, Greece

3. Istanbul Tour (8 Teams)
Istanbul, Turkey

4. Gala Championship (16 Teams)
Istandbul, Turkey

. Golden Cup (8 Teams)
Alexandria, Egypt

6. Malta Tour
(8 Teams)
La Valeta, Malta

7. Pisa Trofeo (8 Teams)
Pisa, Italy

8. Roma Ufficiale (16 Teams)

Rome, Italy

9. Mediterranean Final Tour (16 Teams)
Athens, Greece
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