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Juggy interviewed by PC GAMING
Nicholas Delas, also known as [b64]Juggernaut, was interviewed by renowned European gaming magazine PC GAMING for their November edition. We are so proud that the name of B64 is mentioned in the prestigious magazine once again (note that we were mentioned in one of their columns about the progressing gaming crews earlier this year). Boulevard 64's fellow leader Juggy was talking about the top organization award he recently won for helping PC GAMING powered "Blue Bar competition" to take place past summer in Parga, Greece.

Taken from PC GAMING

Regarding recently finished gaming competitions that took place in August this year in Blue Bar, located in Parga, we sat down and asked the organization key man, Nicholas Delas, a few questions relating to this successful event.

# 1: How do you feel now after everything is done?

Well, I am very happy that we got this done successfully. I'm greatful and I'd thank to PC GAMING for linking me with the organization, I really didn't expect it. I enjoyed my time here.

# 2: We have enjoyed the event too. Blue Bar is an amazing place. Where did you get that idea from?

I have a friend here and I love this town. I was tracking the event which magazine previously organized and I figured out that it would be cool to do something new, something outside Athens, Thessaloniki or Heraklion. Blue Bar was another thing I wanted to do before everyone else, since the previous events usually took place in gaming clubs. It was great.

# 3: Were you surprised when PC GAMING decided to hire you for the organization instead of its own staff?

Absolutely. I wasn't expecting your invitation at all. The magazine staff is amazing, I've been following your work for a while and I was a bit proud when I got a call from such a prestigious magazine. Luckily, I had enough free time to carry this thing out and I gladly accepted the invitation and took it very professionally.

# 4: Blue Bar even organized a night party after the gaming competitions were over. Was it your own plan, too?

No, I've only done the events organization part. We could except that from a cocktail bar. I enjoyed it, my friends too. I hope that everyone did.

# 5: What are your future plans? Is there still a place for gaming stuff?

Right now I am focused on carrying out this year with Boulevard 64. We are doing well considering that we are way over the hill now. Lately I don't have much time for gaming things like before, I became too old for it but I'm happy do something from time to time.

# 6: Would you consider doing new things with PC GAMING in the future?

It would depend on my free time, I don't have it too much, but yes, why not. It's always an honor to work with the magazine.

# 7: Thanks for your time. Anything you'd like to add?

Thank you, it was my pleasure and honor.

By Mario Liono, 22nd August 2012.

Picture taken by Polychronis Tores.

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