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LRO Quotes: SAMP Legends
Live Radio Online: SAMP Legends - Part 1

This is the first episode of "SAMP Legends" quotes serial that will be presented on Live Radio Online. Each episode will talk about something different conected to SAMP, as a reminder of great parts of b64's history. Episodes will be presented each or every second week by the LRO host Fisher. For the first episode, we invited Cunt Hunters clan leaders Zofija and FrozeN as the special guests that talk about the current SAMP clans. Our another special guest InQ, one of the old school RIFF clan leaders talks about the past times and compares them to the present time in SAMP.

Zofija about active and inactive clans:
NB is playing other games, but always around in irc channel (chatting about anything). KFC? Nah, same as NB , playing other games but clan still alive.
About Warriors - nothing say...just irc channel still alive with one member (Fatetrip).
BK died long time ago, then tried to reopen, but died again.
The most active clans are some Polish clans, like GC, EG, Ve..xHoTx are dead for now. Abuot other clans, like BB - still active, [Ask] nah, but still got some new members thats make a clan alive. MOB is active, too, not much in wars, but about other things they are alive. Brazilians like MrS are also active.

Fisher guesses the inactivity reason:
Old clans are getting tired of SAMP?

Yes man, that reason is true. They are getting tired of playing those flaming nabs.
Because in these days 80% of them are mad...Forgot how to play the good matches. We all miss those epic matches.
About Russians? Russians are all in MTA now.

[cVa] plays only MTA...

Zofija about the good and bad clans:
MOB and uL are still around top...KFC server is still on.
GRX is a new Turkish clan, but they got a good discipline, not flaming in matches, good organization...[Ask] still loses wars.

Zofija advises b64 not to return in SAMP:
Don't come back, you know why? Because you get tired of the excuses on forums, about hacks or something. 70% of wars are this shit.

InQ about the golden time of SAMP:
2007 was the best, no discussion. Minimal cheating and crying...and every clan accepted the challenge. At the later times, they will always find an excuse not to fight you if they are afraid of a match losing.
Also, the biggest names in SAMP came at 2007...NB clan, [b64]Enginer became famous at 07, BB clan was created, b64 became famous, MOB also, Warriors too...

InQ's list of all time's top 10 clans:
The list is not in order.

NB, many clans were good as them but didn't have the continuity like NB had.
Warriors, they were owning everything during 2007 at rw.
xHoTx, probably the most skilled with walking weps.
SAW, won SAMP:CL tournament, enough said.
b64, Enginer's achievements speak for b64. This clan was nearly unbeatable.
KFC, server, skill, everything was on the top level.
MOB, they were formed in 06 and they are still active with pretty good skill.
XII, known for being number one clan for long time in 2006 before loss to b64.
BK, awesome at 2006, but one year is not enough to be the best of all time.
Russians - cVa, Fired uP, U1tra, top Russian clans look pretty equal to me.

That's it, have a nice day

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lol you debating about this? b64 is the best

@Inq lol your list is ridiculous! Warriors are not top 20 lol
@RoCxtaylor, lol those 3 are not even close to 3 best players in history. b64 2Good is probably the best. KFC was owned by BK, so they can't be in top 5. 1st should be NB maybe, then xHoTx or RSAH. b64 or SAE would be 4th, BkM was a joke. then KFC, cVa, MOB and so on.

skilled clan, how could you even put anyone above NB, KFC, and HoT? NB were undefeated until HoT beat them. KFC were undefeated period but they sort of went inactive (clan war wise) after 2008 but they are by far THE most interested clan in samp history. They have samp development team in their clan and the famous man who created s0beit (yes the samp cheat lol ironic ). 3 clans even have some of samp KNOWN best killing machines NBdrvibrator KFCvenom HoTsfor. I bet it would've been a great match to see HoT vs KFC or NB. if anything BkM or SAE would follow up as 4th. P were slaughtered by NB KFC so they don't even qualify for top 10. BK? they cant even beat RBK or BB how are they even considered top 15? btw all other clans after 2009 are irrelevant because samp competition went to shit after that (loads of cheating)

Hello smart man. Did you know that BK owned KFC? No? I smell you are some former RBK member.

great article cool

1-b64 2-HoT 3-NB

1. xHoTx
2. Fired uP
3. RBK
4. NB
5. KFC
6. B64
7. SAE
8. BK
9. SAW
10. BB cool

you are still stick with your opinion that RbK was better than BK, you even put them above NB, b64 and KFC. its just impossible. RbK was third gang of vl and you know that

1 BK (American old shcool clan, not Brazilian [Bk])
2 SiN
3 b64
4 NB
5 <P>
10 MOB



Good article as usual fish cool
InQ, well done but your list is shit

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