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LRO Quotes: SAMP Legends VII
This is the seventh episode of "SAMP Legends" quotes serial that is being presented on Live Radio Online. Each episode talks about something different connected to SAMP, gathering thoughts and opinions from the different people about the similar things and much more! Regarding Combo's upcoming SAMP tourney, we decided to continue where we stopped last year.  This serial has been very successful last year and had the total of more than 70000 views so far. Our guests for the first episode this year were Cyrus, former RIFF leader who just came back to SAMP, and Jakez, uL clan leader who is making his second appearance here.


When did you quit SAMP and why?

I quit it during 2008, it became boring as all the people I knew were leaving. Violent Life server died out and I didn't want to go to another public server and start from zero, it was too late for that. I eventually started playing Cops 'n' Robbers server but got bored after a week or two, so I decided to definitely quit SAMP.

Why did you decide to come back and where do you play?

After SAMP I was playing GTA 4 for a while and eventually got bored. Last month I gathered some friends and we came back to SAMP, everything is different now and it's interesting to see that. We play various servers, mostly Crazybob's, but we bump to KFC or Novocaine often.

What is different now and are the some things that remained unchanged?

People are new, I don't know anyone apart my group. Servers such as VL are gone, nobody even remembers it anymore, LVP and LW are dead with almost zero players. Partyserver and Novocaine are still popular, there is also some new TDM server called Gangwars or something.
I noticed that the c-bug is now allowed at Novocaine, which is good.

Are the players more skilled now than they used to be back in 2007?

To be honest, it looks like the players generally didn't progress in terms of skill. I still see that the majority on public servers are just some random players without skill just like 5 years ago or so. I guess that the clans improved their skills, but judging by what we have seen on public servers, the skill level is more or less the same.

Are you thinking about reviving RIFF clan or maybe creating a new one?

No, I will definitely not reopen RIFF as I was just one of the leaders and I'm not playing with old RIFF guys anymore. If they all came back maybe we could consider reopening it, but it's far away from reality. I don't think that I will create a new clan either. I'm playing with friends without any clan like I did on GTA IV and I'm fine with that. Having a clan requires time and we don't have it.

What do you think about Combo's SAMP tournament?

I was positively surprised when I found out that it will be based on Red/Blue TDM. It's an old school mode from 2006, during that time I was playing BK server and that mode was something best you can find. It's great to give the opportunity to the present clans to feel how the earliest wars in SAMP were played. I heard that it's won't be based on running weapons but I guess that's something Combo had to do in order to gather today's teams.
I heard that some clans like RSAH, BB and SAE will take part and I will definitely come to watch some matches.

How long will you be playing SAMP and will you buy GTA V?

Currently it's funny playing public servers and beating noobs, but it will eventually last few months, I can't really tell. We're often on Crazybob's and Novocaine roaming around, so you can pay us a visit there. I guess by the end of 2012 we will quit SAMP and wait for GTA V.
I am impressed with Max Payne 3, which GTA V will be based on, and I will surely buy the new GTA, but will wait for the reviews first.

Could you describe the present situation in the SAMP community?

I think as a whole the SAMP community. especially in the DM scene, is going pretty strong. Recently ESL (Electronic Sports League) has kindly opened itself up for SA:MP and it has brought a lot more "fair" competition within the SA:MP DM community, which is great!

Are there any big TDM servers with the real competition left?

I wouldn't say so, the big public TDM servers are more for clans to go and train and have a laugh within their own clans. For example after a clan training about 10 uL's would go onto NoV server and have a laugh and spawnkill a load of grove street players. Pretty fun.
The main competition nowadays is within clanwars in the AAD (attack and defence) sector on ESL.

What do you think about ESL?

I think ESL is a great addition to SA:MP although I disagree with the way it's run by the SA:MP admins. It is primarily run by a Portuguese clan called PTM and 85% of the community disagree with the way with one of the admins run it. If it was more non-biased and thought of the community more it would have GREAT potential, but at the moment it's trying its best to clear out the cheating clans from SA:MP's competitive scene and it's doing okay for a BETA.

Many people agree that [uL] marked the post [NB] era, but also that there is a lack competition. Will it affect [uL] legacy?

Definitely, we've been having a little crisis over the past couple months, but recently we've made a few good clan decisions such as new blood and new motivation and we've stepped up and brought ourselves back into the game.

[uL] clan didn't lose yet. Are you planning to retire undefeated and when?

Well, I can say that we would like to retire undefeated but obviously it's never certain. We're attempting to reach 100 wins and play a couple of clans that we have been wanting to play for a while who will put up a little challenge, once we finish those clanwars and reach 100 we will most definitely die down from the competitive scene and have more fun within the clan.

The majority say that you didn’t fight a big clan yet, what do you think about it?

I disagree. When we were at the peak of our gaming we were challenging all these "big clans" which everybody wanted us to fight and they denied. SAE basically left the competitive scene straight after our TCW which we beat them 8-2, KFC also left after a TCW resulting in 5-0 and the same with xHoTx, we have screenshots and videos to prove that as well. Unfortunately we never got to fight [NB] as that was before our time... With regards to "big clans" in the present SA:MP community, there are only really TeK and PTM in my opinion, TeK we have already beaten once, but now we will face them again with their stronger team, and PTM refuse to accept our clanwar request.

Which is the toughest clan you fought?

I would have to say, honestly, the [LAC] clanwar was the hardest we faced. It was back in 2009 when we were alot more fresh to the AAD scene, LAC were going strong and had a great team, and we managed to pull off the clanwar 4-3. An intense clanwar indeed. In 2010 we were at our peek and not many clans stood a chance if i may say so.

Could you predict the outcome if you fought [NB] back in their prime?

I think it's impossible to say so, from my experiences with [NB], they had great teamwork and they remind me of [uL] very much, with regards to family, strong team and laid back. But SA:MP DM was much difference back then when they were in control. For example 3 spas-12's per team in a 5v5 plus grenades was how they used to play, interior bases only etc, now it's a lot different and you can't predict a match when completely different gamestyles were in play.
BUT, what I can say is that if both clans would want to win very much, and it would be a hella fun match.

Could you name the top 10 present clans including your own?

I don't have a top 10 clans anymore as there aren't really 10 clans that pop up to mind within the DM scene, I could say 5.

1. [uL] - I believe that we will always beat any clan with regards to family, we are all very close together and our teamwork shows from this. Whether or not people agree with me, we still have 72 LEGIT wins under our belt and nobody has beaten that yet, not even [NB].

2. [TeK] - They have over the past months grown very strong as a team, the 2nd clanwar agaisnt them will be challenging, but I don't believe that they are as strong as a family as [uL], and that could be their downfall within their match

3. [H2k] - They are not the best clan out there but they have been alive for a short amount of time and have grown alot in skill. in the future they could possibly be a top Italian clan out there, I respect them for that

4. [BB] - I will always respect [BB] as they have great and friendly members, aswell as the fact that they have been alive for (correct me if i'm wrong) 6 years? They are a good bunch of guys

5. [cH] - As always, great sportsmanship and really funny members, always a great clan and desrve a rank in the top 5.

Clans such as [MrS] [PTM] and [uGp] I have lot almost all of my respect for.

ESL has come out and [uGp] members including the leader have been banned for life for cheating and they don't play well anymore.
[PTM] have lost their skill and alot of their members, they won't be much of a challenge and [MrS] have lost their fame now that ESL is out, although they have nice members, their "new found skill" faded away during ESL.
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@honestly it's fisher who bring people here. hopefully he brings hothoe or some b64 next time, it would be way more interesting. and ofc some guy from present samp would be good

and also why did you bring jakez here? :// there are alot of people that are way more open minded that this guy that is all about cheats and hacks. even on ESL he is asking around about avoiding it (no jokes).

i dont give no respect to guys like him, but hey atleast you(b64) had seen brighter sight of samp and im glad youre not seeing the picture that is now (full of kids and drama)

as far as i know sae did beat uL in a clan war 7-6 and couple of times in tcw so that is a massive lie from jakez. there is no undefeated and clean clans in samp (b64,mob,nb,kfc,xhotx) so uL legacy will never remain

btw today:
1. TeK 2. PTM 3. idk

Honestly PTM has been evading to fight uL since 2010, they can't be ranked better than uL. I don't know about TeK, they are maybe 1st or 2nd I'd trust you on that.

1. RBK 2. NB 3. B64 4. SiN 5. SAE 6. HoT 7. uL 8. MOB 9. KFC 10. BK

you know why NB didn't have 72 wins? because they didn't fight every random clan that comes to them. look at those wins BB HoT MOB Crv SAE RSAH SiN P W NoV and then look at your list. iTG, MBA.. lol you can't even compare that

Please don't bring "uL" into this argument, Raziel is representing himself and the oldschools posting here, this has nothing to do with how good uL are or anyone in it for that matter.

Thank you TriremeMaster for you kindness but this is SAMP related article. wink

Maybe uL should try it. You can even attach SAMP as a side game and win extra points by playing a match there. Here are the rankings click

Funny how is Snizzy mentioning gaming events. Here you can see how good he is.
And actually a lot of players attend there, because B64Club has often money awards etc. Go to homepage there are individual and team b64club rankings for every season, there are event gaming teams from other sites such as Supercade that came here to compete. This has nothing to do with GTA but you should know.

@kvanza i'm here for years and i only saw you posting on forums, yet you never participated anywhere.

@da raziel i don't remember insulting you in this news yet you started flaming with no reason. and why think that you're in the best clan ever or something? you can thank to big clans for quitting samp so uL could eventually reach the top.
we are in Max3 so well free to come we will play vs you no probs.
and i actually don't know if you were insulting me or b64 by posting about that flatout thing. nobody here played flatout except b64 & their flatout friends that actually never player samo nor posting in samo topics

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