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We went through pretty exciting period recently, and I'm proud to point at some things we achieved recently. First of all, Boulevard 64 has been mentioned in the May edition of a (Greek based) European gaming magazine, PC GAMING. We are mentioned on a top of the list among many online gaming groups that have made a progress and left a notable impact this year. Several days ago, B64 has also been added to FlatOut Hall of Fame, together with 9 more most influential squads in the game. Among the other news, we congratulate to OFF team, that won B64's Age of Mythology Multiplayer tournament which we were focused on during the last two months.

Boulevard 64 is really proud for being mentioned in PC GAMING. It is a Greece-based magazine dedicated to European gaming, selling units in many countries Europe-wide. Among several other gaming teams and crews, Boulevard 64 is mentioned as the crew that has been on the scene for a long time, which is very rare among the gaming squads today. We even got some members of our 2011 FOUC World Cup winning squad mentioned in the article. I would remind that we started in GTA multiplayer 6 years ago, it was not easy to keep the things running on the top level all these years. I even heard of some GTA teams that are alive for 10 years or so, but in reality, that is a minor business, same goes to our old ghosty fellows. However everyone who defies the wheel of time for some decent period reserves respect. It is actually interesting that we aren't so active as we used to be, but we are going around and collecting the most various awards everywhere you can imagine.

Several days ago, the FlatOut Hall of Fame was established and the 10 most influential squads in the history of the game were announced (not in order). As expected, we are on the list, mostly because our FlatOut World Cup and All Starts tourney success. The other teams that appear in FlatOut Hall of Fame are XT-S, Heat Club, Bundeseinwahl, Diamond, Sputnik, Ljemorac, SMACK, CKP Team and Jaleco. Every selected team has chosen one of its members who will represent the squad in various Hall of Fame matters that will also affect the direction of the (almost dead) FlatOut community. Our pick is Dober518. Among other FOUC news, our FlatOut hosting business reached the end, due to the lack of FlatOut popularity. The game is basically dead, having about 2 derby/stunt servers that are always empty. However, our Livechannel hosting is still going but it is also going in the wrong direction as the community size is much smaller than before.

I would also like to mention that our B64Club business is going well. As the result of that, we decided help our long time allies Cunt Hunters and pay the premium upgrade for their website. The payment is completed and the premium status is activated few days ago. This status allowed cH access to many additional features, such as the option of making the website registration local, increase the available site space, remove the uCoz ads for 2 months and make the website immune (the website will not be removed by uCoz if being inactive). We also awarded our top B64Club players with 3 euros for being on the top positions for 6 months. We wanted to show that B64 are not selfish and that we really care about our friends and people that are close to us. Hopefully we will have many successful times like this in the future.

Finally, we want to congratulate to OFF team for winning our Age of Mythology: The Titans Tournament. OFF team is still not awarded for their success (3 free
B64Club memberships) as they didn't confirm which 3 players need to be awarded. However, if OFF team doesn't do it until 15th June, B64 will randomly award 3 OFF players.

As for the future plans, you can expect SA-MP tournament hosted by Combo in early July and of course our network's 6th anniversary events in August. Expect something special.

Stay tuned!
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