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One Year Of Pwnage!
There has been a whole year since Boulevard 64 was founded. At about this time last year there were just a few of us hanging on my own TS server, talking about the impressions of SA-MP official release. Once we had heard that Sw33t_Evil and Achilles founded ChaoZ, we immediately started talking about our own gang. It was Milos, Enginer and me who originally founded the clan last May. Vlaxxx and Hustler joined us the same day and that was the very first lineup of b64, while the rest is history.

Since then, we went from being a small clan on Gangwars server to SA-MP #1 clan, having defeating the best this game has to offer in the process. One year is not much in comparison to some other clans, especially those which originate from MTA, such as VCM, BK or XII, but considering all the success we achieved in such a short period, I'm not complaining.

Now, after 12 months of playing, we have achieved it all. We are now even more motivated to face the new challenges that are upcoming. It's all about the fun after all, and that's the reason we will be around for many years to come.
Category: News | Added by: [b64]Luka (14 May 2007)
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