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SA-MP Legacy: Part I
We are happy to present the first episode of the recently announced series SA-MP Legacy. The objective of this serial to gather the old SA-MP players and friends of the clan, who will recall the good old days and give out their own views on SA-MP history and the role they had there, and also share their own stories and experiences that we might didn't know until now. For the debut episode of the series, we have invited two guests. One is Rowdy, one of the BK clan leaders and head admin of Los Santos Gangwars, one of the original servers of SA-MP. Another is Hoodlum, one of the best known faces from the early days of SA-MP and then-leader of his Hoodlums clan.

What made you start playing SA-MP?

BK were playing MTA at the time we heard the first rumblings about SAMP release. We were hoping for the MTA:SA project to go through much sooner than it actually did, so when the SAMP tests started taking place, we had tried it out and it looked very good. So we had decided to move on to SAMP instead of waiting for MTA:SA.

How did you BK server and did you expect it to be so popular at the time?

Back in MTA we've had our own TDM server, so it was kind of natural to bring the similar idea to SAMP. We have basically started scripting it from stratch and started out with a very simple Los Santos TDM mode. BK had about 15 active members at the time so that's how it began. Many of our friends who moved from MTA to SAMP decided to stick with our server so that helped a lot and the traffic growing. I had projected the server to usually have about 15-20 people on, but eventually we have managed to double that.

Did you expect BK server to become such a battlefield and have all those clans so active on it?

Definitely not until we actually opened it. I remember that we didn't expect SAMP to quickly become so popular. In the beginning there were only BK and EA members on, but many people from XII and other official servers started coming on. Most servers didn't allow players to use bugs and glitches at the time, which we did and that raised the competition on the server a lot.

What relationship did BK clan have with B64 at the time?

I would say that most of the time we had good relationship with b64. They were among the most active clans on BK server throughout 2006 and I think that few of b64 members like Hustler were admins on BK Gangwars. In-game we usually weren't allies with b64 members but overall we had very respectful relations between the clans.

Today most old players say that the scene on your server mostly consisted of BK vs B64 vs RBK rivalry. How do you remember those days?

That was perhaps the case at one point, but mostly BK didn't have big rivalry with b64 or RBK. I think that at the time just before we closed the server, b64 had formed their alliance and therefore we become quite rivals in-game. RBK have always played on their own against everybody else so that made a pretty good mix.

After BK Gangwars was shut down, BK clan moved to Violent Life TDM. What had changed?

By that time we had added many features to the server and changed its name to "BK Turfwars & Team Deathmatch". In 2007 we had changed the host and modified the script significantly (actually merged it with the VL script), so the server name was changed to "Violent Life Turfwars & TDM". The server became much more attractive to random players and it got a lot more popular. Clans like b64, RBK, etc were doing their own thing at the time and weren't very active on public servers anymore, some other clans got closed, so the server looked completely different.

You have also played many clan wars. Which ones are the most memorable for you?

We had quite a few very memorable matches. The one against Hoodlums was pretty good as many of them were very known players. It wasn't long since SAMP had been released and most players weren't very much advanced skill wise. Their leader was Hoodlum who was their best player, but the others weren't that good and we defeated them. After that Hoodlum kicked many of his members such as Rei who then joined BK. :P

How did you come up with an idea of creating a clan and naming it after youself?

The gang's name was originally Hoodlum's gang, which I had set up in MTA:VC, but everyone simply called it Hoodlums so I decided to go with it as well.

Many people here often say that you are one of the biggest SA-MP legends. How did you manage to earn that reputation?

I remember that we used to have a lot of great times when SA-MP was released. I was an admin on several official servers at the time and we were also doing duel tournaments on Larry's server. Many players that later made name for themselves had their beginnings on those servers.

Some people still remember Hoodlums server on SA-MP, which was short lived but very important for the creation of some clans. How do you remember those times?

I have set up a server right after SA-MP was released. I was never planning to keep it working for long because I was very active on other servers such as Battle of Los Santos, which was an official server and had very similar gamemode to my own. At the time Toreno and Hothoe were playing on my server daily and they eventually set up the [RBK] clan. Luka was also active on our TeamSpeak when they were setting up [b64]. He was one of my good friends from back in MTA.

Who were the toughest opponents you faced?

I have faced a lot of tough opponents in SA-MP, it's been so long. Evolution was always a good opponent. Larry, Cytro*, Luka, Sw33t_Evil, Hooligan and many others were very good too. It's been so long that I can't remember many of the names.

Would you describe 2006 as the golden age of SA-MP?

Yes, definitely. There was a big competition between everybody and even the big clans at public servers were trying to establish themselves as the top forces. Hoodlums had a couple of members who joined [NoV] clan under false nicknames so that was interesting too. There was always something going on and it was much more fun to play than it became in the later years.
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good read

"Hoodlums had a couple of members who joined [NoV] clan under false nicknames so that was interesting too."


That was the time Novocaine were actually good. Later they become a bunch of random players.

What's up guys, very good text. Hope you still remember [VIP] clan smile

I surely remember your NB A/D script rip off. wink

VIP A/D was a great mode biggrin

Yep. At the time I used to come and play there instead of b64 because our script was a little outdated. Good times at VIP A/D.

Damn it has been forever since I heard of Hoodlum.

Th best times were on Larry's Rivershell cool

I thought just the same! Hoodlum is ancient. smile

Larry and I used to wreck chaos back then. Hoodlum, Sig, $corpio, Furi0uz, Xtent, Evolution, Luka, Sw33t_evil, [KIB]Wire, Cytro, [WAR] clan etc. Those were some real old school times in 2006.

I was mostly on XII at the time. smile

You missed a great deal of action on Larry's at the time, especially when we were doing duel tournaments. From b64 I remember Luka as the most active.

Hello my old school friends happy This is a great read, everything said is right on the point. My old school friend legend Hoodlum has missed a few names on his list, but it's understandable, it was many years ago. cool

Good read. We weren't exactly the best friends with BK until 2009 or so wink

You and [b64]Stallion were always the usual [BK] haters tongue

No, I just didn't like befriending people who talk things behind your back. wink

hoodlum legend

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