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Six Years!
Exactly six years ago, 2Good and Luka created a website for a clan that had been doing serious business in SA-MP for months. Today, we are celebrating that moment for the sixth time! It has been a long time since b64 was created in early/mid 2006, now it's 2012 and we are still on top of everything we do! I'm very proud to have such a honor to make this article as Boulevard 64 leader now and I'm more than sure that b64 have much more stuff to add to its achievements that are already countless.

Let's firstly take a quick look at the past and the place where it all started. During the golden days of SAMP, Boulevard 64 was doing serious stuff by taking over the Bloody Killers Turfwars server, that was very popular back in the day.
Everyone who played SAMP during that period surely remembers the match between b64 and g2 and all that big hype about it. I also remember 2Good's 1000 kills streak on Violent Life, our all-time classic match versus BK, some of those LS Clan Battles where we took down all those RBKs, SiN
s and RSAHs, 1v1 World Cup, Milos' sniper and countless more moments that marked our SAMP times. Knowing that every single old school player still remembers us in the highest regards surely makes us proud.

During late 2008, few months before we ended our SAMP journey, we made sure to prepare a new field to play on - FlatOut. It was b64 that played so called "2v2 and 3v3 mini matches" so good that we started breaking records of the squads which played 'real' matches. It took us quite a while to agree to sign up a real squad and start competing on the highest FOUC level. One by one, we were beating all the highest ranked teams and eventually became the leading team on the "Famous list", earning the right to play versus XT-S, the 2010 league winner. We beat them and did the pretty much same thing in 2011 (versus Diamond team). However, our biggest achievement was winning FlatOut World Cup, among 32 other teams. Of course, the most recognized moment that ever happened in FlatOut was our last match versus Stunting Legends, where we basically couldn't resist the hype and came out of retirement just to play that one match, that was tracked by more than 1200 people through various sources.

Right now, after we quit playing all those competitive games, we are enjoying the arcade gaming events that are monthly organized for our users by B64Club.

Who knows, maybe one day we start playing something new, we are yet to see. One thing is certain, we are not closing down anytime soon!

Feel free to comment and tell us about your best moments related to Boulevard 64! ;)

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Congrats guys smile



Congratz b64

Hey b64, didn't know it has been 6 years. Amazing! smile My most memorable moment was when [U]Club wanted to get in the famous list and take Jaleco spot, nobody dared to accept their challenge and b64 did and won 20-19 biggrin I think [U] was in their best shape during that time smile

Don't forget that after b64, XTS also beat [U] and won the league bro smile Regards

Congrats b64 cool

Well done guys, you're the best cool

Great job, 6 years is amazing! #1

HUUUSTLEEEER! the best old man around here is actually here, didn't expect to see you bro smile

Haha look who's here biggrin only 2Good is missing now tongue

I thought you'll never login here again, it has been a while. Join us and Diamonds sometime smile

Don't worry, I didn't forget about you guys. smile I'm glad that everything is going perfect.

even Mr.Grandpa arrived. Now I have no doubts the world will end at 2012 xD

Didn't see you for 100 years man biggrin What are you up to? smile

Long time no see Hustler biggrin

Will make it to 10, no doubts wink

2Good sup biggrin

Congratz guys. One of very few clans that lasts this long

can't believe it has been 6 biggrin congrats! wink

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