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SFIII Grand Tournament has kicked off !
We are presenting Street Fighter III: Third Strike Grand Tournament, the main event of our 6th anniversary! As we already promised something big for this anniversary, this competition will be the biggest event organized this year. There will be 64 players competing, including some retired legendary players like Enginer, Luka, Miilos, Evolution and many more old school people that have been inactive for ages. Most importantly, the tournament winner will receive €50.00 award from B64Club, while there will be €10.00 supplied for second place. There are so many players that want to take part in this tourney, so you better hurry up if you want to take one of the remaining free slots!

As there will be many slots secured for various players, signing up via player code will be disabled, so everyone will have to sign up manually, by contacting the tournament staff.
B64Club determined contact officials for those who are having difficulties signing up for the competition:

b64 (Regular contact) - Contact by PM
Fisher (Germany) - Contact by LRO
Butters (Europe, North America, Asia) - Contact by PM
[b64]Combo (Europe) - Contact by xfire
Ganso (South America) - Contact

The participants are not allowed to upload the matches recordings anywhere on the internet without B64Club permission. However, B64Club will archive some of the recorded matches and those matches will be available to everyone.

Time schedule

Round of 641-3 Aug
Round of 32
4-5 Aug
Round of 16
6th Aug
7th Aug
7th Aug
8th Aug

Matches schedule


Player 1

Player 2


Round of 64
RD| SpookyAE| DeathStar1-2
Round of 64Balancer0ACF| Righi0-2
Round of 64Heat| RoSsRD| Acid1-2
Round of 64[b64]ComboIRaniaN2-1
Round of 64RD| 92nynaaAntrax2-1
Round of 64musterDzuBox0-2
Round of 64Butters[b64]Milos1-2
Round of 64RD| RaCoon[BK]Rowdy0-2
Round of 64AE| NightShiftPunk| ekv1-2
Round of 64GT| Gouki123BES| Gunso2-0
Round of 64LRO| Fisher[b64]Luka0-2
Round of 64SentinelKGX| asdas1-2
Round of 64B| acgc24
Heat| Mige2-0
Round of 64CubexAbsynthe2-1
Round of 64TriremeMasterRD| Dr_Nine1-2
Round of 64[b64]Mamacumbalinux2-1
Round of 64[BK]SANDProleter0-2
Round of 64AE| JagerBES| Razor2-1
Round of 64Sorentinotoon[b64]Enginer0-2
Round of 64AstroBaloon2-0
Round of 64NedKGX| EvoL0-2
Round of 64RD| Paul Pepe2-1
Round of 640li0ACF| ForzaViola1-2
Round of 64MichaelGT| Galaxy_Buster0-2
Round of 64B| Pielle[BK]Puerto2-0
Round of 64RD| PhoeeePunk| Azra1-2
Round of 64[b64]JuggernautGanso2-0
Round of 64GT| Kirubiker2-0
Round of 64[BK]007AE| Laimo1-2
Round of 64RD| Mister_Dariusチャンピオン2-0
Round of 64LRO| H-co[b64]Dober5182-1
Round of 64AE| JotunHeat| Venom1-2

Round of 32
AE| DeathStarACF| Righi1-2
Round of 32RD| Acid[b64]Combo2-0
Round of 32RD| 92nynaaDzuBox0-2
Round of 32[b64]Milos[BK]Rowdy2-1
Round of 32Punk| ekvGT| Gouki1230-2
Round of 32[b64]LukaKGX| asdas2-1
Round of 32B| acgc24Cubex2-0
Round of 32RD| Dr_Nine[b64]Mamacumba2-1
Round of 32ProleterAE| Jager2-1
Round of 32[b64]EnginerAstro1-2
Round of 32KGX| EvoLRD| Paul 2-1
Round of 32ACF| ForzaViolaGT| Galaxy_Buster0-2
Round of 32B| PiellePunk| Azra2-1
Round of 32[b64]JuggernautGT| Kiru2-0
Round of 32AE| LaimoRD| Mister_Darius2-1
Round of 32LRO| H-coHeat| Venom0-2

Round of 16
ACF| RighiRD| Acid1-2
Round of 16DzuBox[b64]Milos2-1
Round of 16GT| Gouki123[b64]Luka1-2
Round of 16B| acgc24RD| Dr_Nine1-2
Round of 16ProleterAstro1-2
Round of 16KGX| EvoLGT| Galaxy_Buster0-2
Round of 16B| Pielle[b64]Juggernaut0-2
Round of 16AE| LaimoHeat| Venom2-1

RD| AcidDzuBox2-1
Quarterfinals[b64]LukaRD| Dr_Nine2-1
QuarterfinalsAstroGT| Galaxy_Buster0-2
Quarterfinals[b64]JuggernautAE| Laimo2-0

RD| Acid[b64]Luka2-1
SemifinalsGT| Galaxy_Buster[b64]Juggernaut0-2

RD| Acid[b64]Juggernaut0-3

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