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Street Hoop Hyper Tourney
After a while, we are came back in the Street Hoop business, bringing something fresh! Boulevard 64 presents Street Hoop Hyper Tourney, which will be a little different than our previous Street Hoop competitions. Despite we had a few months pause in this type of competitions organizing, there are 32 slots available for this tourney. Other than that there will be so called 'money generating' system of the matches in this tournament. Every player that is planning to each some money from this tourney is required to have a PayPal account. In the optional case the winner could earn up to €42.00!

Money Generating System

Every player will start with €1.00 given by B64Club. By progressing to the next round, you will take the money of the player you defeated. Only those players who reach the quarterfinals will have an option to choose if they want to receive the money, or to keep it for the next opponents. This means that you cannot earn any cash if you don't qualify for at least quarterfinals.
If you choose to receive the money, B64Club will send you only the 50% of the amount you won on your PayPal, and you will not be able to earn more money by defeated the opponents in further matches.
If you defeat the player who decided not to put money on the match, you will still take the half of his generated money, while the other half will go to him.
If you win the match while previously decided to keep the money, you will earn nothing from your opponent, while his generated money will go back to B64Club.
If both players decide to keep the money, they will be stripped for 50% of the money which will go back to B64Club.
€10.00 bonus award will be given to the tournament winner.

The tournament is scheduled to start on Friday, 7th May.


Player 1

Player 2


Round 1
14-18, 18-22
Round 1Punk| Azra
10-20, 23-24
Round 1Punk| ekv
19-17, 14-15, 24-12
Round 1[b64]Dober518
AeroBix31-19, 25-20
Round 1RD| Acid
LRO| Fisher35-36, 22-26
Round 1Heat| Venom
ACF| Righi
23-28, 25-27
Round 1Pepe
Cubex23-24, 26-23, 26-27
Round 1Sentinel
ACF| ForzaViola
16-18, 22-21, 19-26
Round 1RD| Dr_Nine
17-26, 24-23, 21-24
Round 1linux
14-29, 17-34
Round 1[b64]ComboRD| Paul22-25, 23-19, 24-27
Round 1RD| Mister_DariusHeat| RoSs26-21, 22-23, 22-24
Round 1Sorienotoon
チャンピオン22-21, 24-26, 17-18
Round 1TriremeMaster
16-34, 22-31
Round 1DzuBox
32-25, 30-27
Round 1RD| 92nynaa
22-21, 16-26, 19-17

Round 2
20-22, 19-15, 22-23
Round 2Punk| ekv[b64]Dober51826-23, 25-16
Round 2LRO| FisherACF| Righi21-31, 23-27
Round 2CubexACF| ForzaViola23-25, 27-25
Round 2[b64]JuggernautProleter19-18, 26-21
Round 2RD| PaulHeat| RoSs23-24, 22-20, 25-21
Round 2チャンピオンBalancer026-30, 19-30
Round 2DzuBoxRD| 92nynaa29-20, 27-22

AstroPunk| ekv24-26, 29-27, 27-26
QuarterfinalsACF| RighiACF| ForzaViola27-26, 31-28
Quarterfinals[b64]JuggernautRD| Paul10-13, 22-18, 21-15
QuarterfinalsBalancer0DzuBox27-29, 24-28

Astro *
ACF| Righi24-22, 19-21, 24-27
[b64]JuggernautDzuBox26-25, 22-24, 28-27

ACF| Righi *
[b64]Juggernaut29-31, 29-28, 34-33, 32-30

* - Decided to take the generated money.

Righi - €16.00
Astro - 4.00
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