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Top 10 Beat 'em Up Characters
In the honor of beat 'em ups, the games that marked our youth, Boulevard 64 decided to come up with the top 10 characters that appeared as the protagonists in beat 'em up games! Gaming developers were doing an amazing job during the early 90s, not only by producing some of the best games in history, but also by paying attention to the game's storyline (well, this was not always the case), which had many amazing characters coming out as a result. Some of them have appeared in many other games, some of them as still hugely popular, while some are unfairly forgotten.

However, Boulevard 64 presents you the top 10 characters:

1. Cody Travers (Final Fight)

The top spot goes to the ultimate badass of the fighting games. Cody is the real fighting addict. When he helped Major Haggar to clean the city off the criminals, he was hailed as the city hero, but that eventually led Cody to a boredom. Completely careless about anything, Cody just kept fighting until he finishes in a prison, but that's far from keeping him away whenever he decides to go outside. Breaks off whenever he wants, come back to his cell whenever he wants, Cody Travers in without a doubt the best character that has ever appeared in a "beat ep up" game.

2. The Punisher (The Punisher)

While having the Punisher on the opponent side, every criminal will face the same fate, the death. The Punisher is ruthless towards every criminal, he is very skilled in a hand-to-hand combat and unstoppable while using one of his guns, leaving the enemies no chance to get away. It isn't matter if someone is just a thug, a robotic killing machine or even a feared crime boss, their end is
unavoidable in the hands of Punisher.

3. Mike Haggar (Final Fight)

A former professional wrestler, Mike Haggar is the major of Metro City, which is under a huge attack of the criminals. When the gang known as Mad Gear kidnaps Haggar's daughter, he takes the justice in his own hands. Haggar is smart and very strong, he is assisted by a few of his friends each time he leaves his City Hall in order to crush the crime with his bare hands.

4. Captain Commando (Captain Commando)

Captain Commando, the leader of the Commando Team, is the only person able to protect the Earth and whole galaxy from a super-powered criminals in the year of 2026. He is assisted by his three companions and makes no difference between a bank robbers or the aliens threatening to destroy the galaxy, there is no escape from his mighty bolts of fire and electricity.

5. Batman (Batman)

Even the DC superhero made it to the arcade beat 'em ups! Batman swore  revenge on the criminals and is led by the greater ideal of justice. He fights crime by himself, often doing things which law isn't able to do. Even the criminals manage to escape the police, there is no way they can escape the justice as Batman will be always there co catch them.

6. Jack Ternec (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs)

Jack lives in the time when the planet is being heavily polluted and suffering from a series of huge natural disasters, which resulted dinosaurs freely roaming the Earth's surface. He runs his own garage and is very good at restoring Cadillacs. Jack also has his own dinosaur pet, called Allosaurus, which Jack raised himself. He is definitely not a person to mess with.

7. Arthur (Knights of the Round)

Arthur, the brave knight who has no problems risking his life in fighting the armies of evil, has surely secured a place on this list. While his army is nearly defeated, he and the two knights take on the hordes of enemies. Arthur is slow while fighting, but his sword Excalibur combined with his skill is surely something that makes him able to even overthrow the evil king Garibaldi.

8. Rick Anderson (64th Street: A Detective Story)

Rick is a private detective and manager of the private agency, located in 64th Street. He is calm and intelligent, but very violent towards his enemies when he gets angry. Nothing can prevent him from doing his job, even if he has to beat dozens of thugs up in order to reach the criminal base, you can surely bet on him.

9. Axel Stone (Streets of Rage)

Axel is an ex cop,  now very skilled martial artist who fights against a secret criminal syndicate that has the city government under their control. Even when being turned down by the corrupted police, Axel never leaves his idea of serving justice. He is very clever and clean-headed, and even got the police crew on his side, making him a real criminals' nightmare.

10. Blood (Crime Fighters 2 / Vendetta)

A former prizefighter, now member of the hero gang known as the Cobras, Blood helps his gang rescue a member who is kidnapped by their rivals, the Dead End gang. Blood is an arrogant fighter who enjoys beating up the enemies, often laughing when he sends the rivals on the floor. Certainly not someone to want to be put against your side.
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