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Top 10 Beat em ups
Beat em ups. The games that marked the 90s, together with fighting games. Every gaming arcade was full of beat em up games. Boulevard 64 presents you the best beat em ups in our opinion. This includes top 10 beat em up games, the reason why did we pick them, information about every of them and the other great beat em up games, that didn't make it to our top 10 list. All the arcade beat em up games and the console ones were in the competition, so here is the list. First goes the "honorable mention".

Honorable mention:

Golden Axe
Captain America and The Avengers
Warriors of Fate
The Simpsons
Batman Returns
64th Street: A Detective Story
Knights of the Round

1. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
The only reason this game is above the Final Fight is because there were always ten damn people waiting for their turn to play the Cadillacs. Dinosaurs, savage fighting, shooting, bombing, driving, all in one place! There is no wonder we put Mustapha and co at the top of the list!

2. Final Fight
Definitely the best street fighting beat em up of all time.  This is also the best selling beat em up, together with its two sequels. Final Fight is actually the best beat em up series ever.

3. The Punisher
Even the Punisher made it to the arcade! There was no arcade store that didn't want to get Punisher and Nick Fury. When you fusion the fighting and shooting, you get the Punisher.

4. Streets of Rage
The only game from the list that didn't make it to arcade. This game was actually SEGA's try to copy Capcom's Final Fight. The original game was pretty good, but Streets of Rage 2 ass kicking.

5. Captain Commando

Capcom did the right thing by releasing Commando at 1991. One of the first games that included characters with super powers. It is too bad that this game didn't have a sequel. It was just amazing.

6. Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles
Even those turtles made it to the arcade! The original game came out at 1989 and was totally unique. It's sequel, Turtles in Time, came out at 1991 and was even better than the original game.

7. The King of Dragons
One of the first beat em ups that included RPG-like level system. It included 6 playable characters and each one had unique powers, equipment and fighting style. This is the best 'Slash and hack' beat em up ever.

8. Double Dragon (Series)
One of the most famous beat em up during the late 80s. It's first sequel was as good as the original game, but the 1991's Double Dragon 3 was below the standards.

9. X-Men Arcade
Who would say that the famous comics characters would make it to arcade? X-Men were just amazing and was one of best KONAMI's beat em ups.

Crime Fighters (Series)
Typical gangs based street fighting beat em up. The original game was not so amazing, but they made huge improvement by releasing its sequel Crime Fighters 2 (Vendetta).
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