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Greatest SA-MP Clans of All Time
22 Dec 2012, 6:47 AM
Which are the best SAMP clans? This question has been flying around since San Andreas Multiplayer was released back in 2006. Almost seven years later, it's still impossible to determine which clan is the greatest, and it will never be. Many clans had their golden eras and periods throughout the history of SAMP, so the best way to pay respect and give a proper credit to the all-time greats is to establish the list of the greatest clans throughout the history. The list itself is not in order and is created to mention the most influential and skilled clans that fought their battles in the battlefields of San Andreas Multiplayer.

I'm mentioning once again, the following list is not in order.

[XII] - Majestic Twelve

XII was one of the first clans that played SAMP on a competitive level. The were the top rated MTA clan which later transformed their dominance to SAMP back in 2006. Their great SAMP influence had faded away during the second half of 2007.
Notable Players: [XII]Fexsi0n, [XII]Xtent, [XII]Azer

[BK] - Bloody Killers

Bloody Killers were one of the very first clans that inhabited SAMP world. Their MTA reputation was transferred very well into the TurfWars server, which was the center of most of the SAMP action during the early period. They were saluted as the best clan in early 2006, until the clan wars era had begun.
Notable Players: [BK]Bloody, [BK]Rowdy, [BK]007

[W] - The Warriors

Yet another clan that originates from MTA. The Warriors are perhaps the oldest crew on the list. This clan was probably the most hated back in the days, having loads of hostile clans and gangs taking on them daily. Their skill was never questioned but they later failed to prove themselves in the most important clan wars, such as those versus their biggest rivals, NB.
Notable Players: [W]Hooligan, [W]number7, [W]Maddolis, [W]mrbong, [W]Jemte

[b64] - Boulevard 64

Boulevard 64 was a complete hit when it was founded in the middle of BK's server during 2006. Their SAMP dominance started with their win over a challenger that BK had refused to play against, while they became undisputed number one clan in early 2007 when they beat XII. Over the years, their activity was slowly fading away due to the new wave of clans.
Notable Players: [b64]2Good4You, [b64]Dr.Luka, [b64]Milos, [b64]Toxic, [b64]Hustler

[RBK] - Reborn Killaz

Reborn Killaz were a top skilled clan which actually never managed to prove themselves against the biggest squads. RBK had reached their peak during the late 2006 and early '07 and were considered as one of the best, but the SAMP world never got to see the "super match" between them and b64.
Notable Players: [RBK]MaDK1llA, [RBK]ExKiller, [RBK]Fisher, [RBK]OptimA, [RBK]HotHoe, [RBK]Toreno

[KFC] - KungFu Grip's Family of Crime

KFC have always had one of the most popular servers around - Partyserver. This was a highly skilled crew that made their way to the mainstream scene during the late 2007. They were known for being undefeated for a long time, until their meeting versus Bloodies. Their matches versus the likes of NB and SAE were highly anticipated but unfortunately never got to happen.
Notable Players: [KFC]NaD, [KFC]Venom, [KFC]Snake_Eyez

[NB] - NinetyNine Blazed

NB were perhaps the most dominating clan during their time. Starting from the big win against Novocaine, they made their way to the top and became undisputed in 2008, when they defeated SAE in the most memorable match of the year. As of then, NB were considered as the world's best clan by most of the SAMP community.
Notable Players: [NB]90NINE, [NB]blaZed, [NB]Dr.Vibrator,
[NB]Lop_Dog, [NB]Incognito, [NB]DRE

[SAW] - San Andreas Warriors

Perhaps the all-time best Russian clan, SAW left its biggest impact in SA-MP by winning the SAMP League in 2009. They were also the first Russian clan to leave the domestic scene and challenge the other top clans.
Notable Players: [SAW]Akim, [SAW]nate_dogg, [SAW]Electro

[SiN] - Strength in Numbers

SiN originally started back in 2006 as a small taxi gang on Littlewhitey's server. R*BOMB and his crew made sure they became one of the most influential acts on the scene after just one year of existence. Despite their great reputation and skills, SiN never managed to truly reach the top because of their inability to stand against the biggest challenges.
Notable Players: [SiN]R*BOMB, [SiN]d3stroy3r, [SiN]M1ndKiller

[MOB] - The Mobsters

The Mobsters were always a pure example of a well organized and skilled clan. During the years, MOB managed to reach their peak in mid 2008, when they played some of the most memorable clan wars against NB and SAE. In 2009, they slowly started to leave the top scene, but have never backed off from their "organization and respect" motto.
Notable Players: [MOB], [MOB]finch, [MOB]vinnie, [MOB]RasKas

xHoTx - Heroes of Terror

Having been underestimated by the opponents numerous times, Heroes of Terror managed to turn their reputation of an unknown Polish clan to one of the most feared squads around. They were also the first clan that managed to add some red color in the clan war stats of clans like b64 and NB.
Notable Players: xHoTxTomachawek, xHoTxBum3r, xHoTxSfor

[SAE] - Spartan Army Elites

Spartan Army Elites were a pure example of how the clan should make their way to the top. SAE were founded in 2007 and after only one year they were considered as the number one challenger to the dominance of NB. They have failed to beat 99's crew but that match is surely one of the most recognized in clan wars history.
Notable Players: [SAE]DeathEater, [SAE]Jakez, [SAE]Phaelon, [SAE]F0rce

B&A - Bassie & Adriaan

The B&A clowns are one of the most iconic and memorable clans to ever appear on the scene. Founded in late 2006, they quickly took over Las Venturas Playground and became the number one gang on the server. B&A was famous of being one of the top running-weapons clans and remained on the top level until 2009, when their activity started to fade.
Notable Players: [BA]Darkfire, [BA]Salvo, [BA]buhu

[BB] - Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers started as a small gang on Las Venturas Playground, but quickly escalated to one of the most influential and memorable crews on the server. BB very soon became on of the main acts on SAMP clans scene. Although the clan retired from the competitive scene during 2010, it still remained one of the biggest and most active crews around.
Notable Players: [BB]rcp, [BB]YeraY, [BB]gangeris

[NoV] - Novocaine

Novocaine was the place where many big clans were created, but not just that. During 2006, Fishbulb and his crew had the reputation of an elite SAMP clan, with only a few top rated clans considered on that level. Year of 2007 was the beginning of NoV's downfall as a clan due to their refusal of using bugs. They were never considered serious ever since.
Notable Players: [NoV]Fishbulb, [NoV]Austin, [NoV]Frutty

[uL] - Urban Legends

Urban Legends is a new generation clan, founded after the "golden" era of SAMP, thus their skill and reputation was always questioned by the community. During their peak in 2010, they have defeated every single challenger that stood against them and had a winning streak of more than 80 wins in a row, which is enough reason to secure them a place on this list.
Notable Players: [uL]8Ball, [uL]Jakez, [uL]F0rce, [uL]Darius

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yeah, and i don't see how u managed to put novocaine oO

then you didn't play samp in 06

You should write for some magazine or something

That's a possibility smile

Great article Inq smile

The only thing we know about Killers is that he was a BK founder. He didn't do much to leave some big impact in samp generally, so no wonder he's out of the list wink

Great list indeed, but I think that [BK]Killers is unfairly forgotten from the BK's list of notable players. It happens each time some text about BK pops up somewhere on the internet and the reason is the lack of knowledge of the most people that write the stuff about BK clan. For those who didn't know, BK originated from a MTA gang called B&K, which stood for Bloody & Killers. Those two guys later in '05 founded [BK] as we know it (I'm certain that at least 5 people on these forums know it). [BK]Killers went inactive few months after SAMP was released and Bloody (aka Blawd/Blood) was the only one is charge, thus most of the people that arrived later didn't have any knowledge about BK clan's name origins and [BK]Killers at all.

Of course I do remember him. It's just that his impact on the community as a player wasn't strong enough. As you say, most of the people didn't even hear of him and do not posses any knowledge about him. smile

uL among the greatest based on what?

Well done smile

Keep it up InQ wink

Very good text, I couldn't have written that better myself! Congrats smile

Good old samp. Congrats on the text Inq wink

Perfect topic to refresh a dying community smile for me RBK will be forever the best tongue big respect to b64, SAE, NB and MOB, they literally marked sa-mp smile

i have totally forgotten about xii over the years, great article inq my bro smile xii vs b64 was the best match i've seen this brings some good memories back cool

XII vs b64 post match report exclusively for you!

Thanks everyone for positive responds. smile

you got some exclusive access to this or what? xD

Nope, just viewed b64 clan wars list. biggrin

That's XII's only loss?

You could've put BB as well. smile

rofl @ novcaine, ul and mob being on the list

Cool image cool

bro good text but #1 RBK, then comes NB, 64z and so on

b64 number 1 forever bro wink

Notable Players: [RBK]MaDK1llA, [RBK]ExKiller, [RBK]Fisher, [RBK]OptimA, [RBK]HotHoe

That would be me. cool

Good text although I have no idea what is NoV doing on the list smile

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