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How did it all start...

It all started back in May 2006, on Blood Killers Turfwars server on San Andreas Multiplayer. How did we get this name? Well, the credit goes to Jaleco's famous arcade game "64th Street: A Detective Story".
At the time, B64 was one of the best clans in SA-MP, we've fought and defeated many great opponents and had some of the most memorable moments in the game. Boulevard 64 retired from SA-MP in August 2009, after an amazing 3 years long run.
Later we got ourselves included in many other games, most notably in FlatOut, Age of Mythology and later Capcom's Bionic Commando. During the late 2009, we gathered many website visitors and people who became the part of our roster. Boulevard 64 then started with gaming events organizing, such as Street Fighter tournaments, Final Fight and Muscle Bomber competitions, Pac-Man tournaments and PES matches. During 2010, our 'Game arcade' was opened and eventually lasted about a year, until B64Club was opened. It was our special department for all the main activities and its HQ was localed in Heraklion, Crete.
B64Club was officially closed on 27th December 2012.

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