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B64 3 Years Old
Here comes to third birthday of one of the best clans that rolled through the streets of SA:MP. After three amazing years of thrill and fun, here we are, the veterans  who achieved it all the business had to offer, still going strong and looking forward for the new challenges. I'd like to thank all the present and former members for doing their best to keep this clan on the top of the game. There are only a few old school SA:MP 0.1 clans that are still alive, so I'm very proud of all the success Boulevard 64 managed to achieve since this game was launched.

We have been around since the very first tests back in 2006 and officially founded the clan just a couple of days after SA:MP was officially launched. We maintained one of the best rosters in the game through different periods this game was going through and always managed to overcome what was put in front of us.

Now, 3 years later, we are still on the top and nobody is going to dethrone us anytime soon.
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