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LRO Quotes: SAMP Legends IV
This is the fourth episode of "SAMP Legends" quotes serial that is being presented on Live Radio Online. Each episode talks about something different connected to SAMP, gathering thoughts and opinions from the different people about the similar things and much more, as a reminder of the great periods of b64's history. Episodes were supposed to be presented every second week, but as we don't have enough free time there won't be specific dates when the new episodes would come out. So far the LRO guests were Zofija, FrozeN, InQ, MozZ and AlPacino. In this episode there will be two guests, Trip from [ABK] clan and Jakez from [uL].

Could you describe the present situation in the SAMP community?

Alot of drama, new clans comen up, and dying out quickly.  Cheating/modding/busted videos.  Alot of the old honest clans, just moven on to other games.  It's turning into a fuckn RP fest... with that being the most populated servers.  But DM is still alive, but the clanwar scene, just aint what it used to be, and I dont think it ever will be.  But there is still some good honest competition out there, its just hard to find.
And I think samp will be around for years to come, as far as simplifying samp into only a few lines, I dont think thats possible with its diverse mess of random shit.

On what servers you can find the biggest competition? Do the official server still hold the majority of top players?

Biggest competition will always be on A/D servers.  There is one for each clan, and that's where shit really goes down at.  Official tab has been down for a while, there is now a hosted tab, in which you pay 9 euros a month to get on, and its mainly popuplated by faggot roleplay servers.  There are still some active DM servers though, we have one on there, that's active.  As far as majority, ye, most players go to the hosted tab, as there is a ton of servers out there, but if you want to find a good fight, A/D servers are where its at, whether your playing a base or just joing a dm.

So servers like Partyserver, LVP, VL, LW etc are past in terms of skilled players?

Partyserver is still quite active, and of course when there is 200 players on... there is bound to be some skilled players.  lvp/lw/vl are mainly run wep servers, and I dont play there, nor pay attention to them.  As most skilled players us walk weapons.  I however am registered on there forums, and know there history, believe ive been banned from one for Cbug'n before.  But most dm servers now have grown a bit mundayne and are just for fun, not for competition.  However you can find some skilled players on them, but if you're trying to find skilled players, again A/D servers are the place to go.

TripABK's list of most overrated clans:
ToX --  Been around 2 years, still don't even have 10 members, they always try tcw everyone but only have like..idk 3 or 4 actual clanwars under there belt.  And have the longest list of cw rules ever... People seem to think they are good, but imo... they should just quit samp.  Bunch of emo fags.
MOB -- Used to be good back in the day.  But now their good members don't really play samp.  So the newfags in their clan are shit at A/D now.
U -- I really can't see how people think they are good.  They are formed from old [NoV] rejects, have excepted cheaters.  They just advertise so much, that people think they are skilled, but I find most of them to suck, or have a history of suckin, or just being fagots.  Imo they fail.
uGp  --  They aint pwnin shit.  And have shadey members, even Pacino aka cheater, posts "busted" videos about them.  And imo they aren't very mature.
And since I only got one more, I'd say all the new clans out there.  They are noob as fuck and got shit members, and will fail in a week.  I suggest they get good  and join a real clan.  But most these new clans are formed by rejected applications to other clans cuz they are shit, so they should uninstall samp.

Your clan seems pretty popular among the present community, what do you think about it and what do you think about the people who dislike you?

Well, the community has changed alot in past years and me and my clan have been up in the "hotspot" for quite some time this year but it died down recently. I think that there are understandable reasons for people to dislike us but at the end of the day, the useless haters cry over a game, which is pretty stupid. My clan gets called "cheater" alot due to our Clanwar Win-streak yet there is minimal proof compared to other clans cheating videos and accusations... Since I became management back in late 2009, I worked this clan very hard and we achieved outstanding results. At first it took time, many forum posts, alot of shouting, training and hating but at the end of the day it pulled off. I say this alot, nobody understands what it's like to be in, with or around uL unless you're with us daily. We're a bunch of mates, yes, it's the internet but we are all close and ingame we treat eachother exactly the same. People accuse us of cheating when we "lose Training Clanwars but win Official Clanwars". The fact of the matter is that TCW's are for training. You train applicants and trials, you test new tactics and just bum around. When it comes to Clanwars, uL's hard work pays up.

Since you have more than 40 wins in a row, are you planning a huge match for 50th win?

Yes. We've been talking about this for a while. Our 50th win has to be challenging and special. We were thinking to either go back to RW - Running Weapons for our 50th clanwar (as most of our old school members were in all the top RW clans back in the day), or, to fight a new challenging clan who we haven't officially faced before. i.e. PTM, uGp, SAE etc.

Could you name top 10 present clans in your opinion including your own?

I'll pick the "top 10 present clans" with regards to their overall skill, being teamwork, sportsmanship and most importantly their past and the impact they have had on me.

My first choice would be [uL]. No, I am not doing it to be biased towards my clan. I genuinely feel that my clan (currently) has surpassed most clans these days. This is not just about our clanwar win streak of 47, there are many reasons behind my decision. Firstly, most of the members who are still around worked from scratch. They were mostly RW clan members who had no idea about A/D, teamwork and all that. They trained and trained without giving up and in a short amount of time we became the (or one of) the best A/D clans. Our teamwork is unbreakable, our 1v1 skills are improving all the time, our tactics get more sharp and our respect for eachother is solid. Our clan runs on perfection for the games we play, and we achive it. Another reason is that we have been through very tough times back in 2010. Our forums got breached and hipocritic and ironic comments without knowing half the story came out about us. A few members left, but without our strong connection, respect for eachother and effort we all made, the clan would not be standing today. Therefore I give my full respect to the founders and current members of the [uL] clan and would not want to be part of any other than the Urban Legends.

My second choice would have to be [SAE]. Regardless of the bad past I have had with this clan, when I was part of the growth of this clan, our connection was great. Judging the gameplay of back in the day and current times is hard, but back then, we were also unbeatable. Teamwork and loyalty was the way forward and each member of SAE went through a tough and lengthy application to achieve the results that SAE as a clan did. SAE's actions and management inspired me to give that to [uL] and make it better.

My third choice would have to be [SWK]. They were my stepping stone of SA:MP. They brought me out of the Roleplay world and into Deathmatch. I was trained by the infamous Nemesis at Running Weapons and became great friends with everyone. They made my time in SA:MP and my feel for a first clan very enjoyable. That is almost definitely a reason to class them as 1 of the top clans.

My 4th choice is [MrS]. Despite the cheating accusations in my opinion they have reached a great level in SA:MP. Yes, there are advantages of having a high ping in combat but ultimately, it isn't easy to hit targets with that kind of ping and alot of their members make it look easy. Not many people can do that. I remember when they were 2 years old and we (uL) just went onto their Brazilian sever and asked for a clanwar. They accepted and we demolished them 7-0. In just 1 year they have changed dramatically. We play frequent TCW's and they are always challenging, even if we are messing around. Sometimes they beat us, sometimes the other way round. They have come a long way and I respect them for that.

My 5th choice is [PTM]. Even though there are too many accusations and a few members in that clan who are blatent in their unfairness to SA:MP A/D, I still think that they are good. Their teamwork is very strong and like MrS they always put up a challenge. Some of their 1v1 skills are good and they are managed by a good leader, Al_Pacino, regardless of my relationship with him.

My 6th choice is [TeK]. they started off as one of the "new" Italian clans joining SA:MP WW and didn't look like they were in the league with old school Italian clans like [NvO], [CiA] and [PVCM]. Recently they recruited members with fantastic 1v1 skill and they moved from TDM to A/D. In such a short time I believe that they have improved alot they are already becoming a big threat to the top A/D clans out there.

My 7th choice is [Ve_]. Their old school team was great. They were 1 of the only polish teams that I gave respect for. They were clean and when I was hanging around with them for a while, they made me feel like I was in [uL]. They had alot of potential and their leader is now in [uL]. So they still have my respect and are still up there in my list.

My 8th choice is [MOB]. Their old team with build on "organization and respect" was legendary. I used to play on their WarZone server which was my first A/D server I played on. Alot of my current skill and tactics came from that server and I respect every one of them for that. Although my opinion on them has decreased alot recently due to them accepting too many "newbie" members and their old school members left. So my choice is entirely to their oldschool team.

My 9th choice would have to be [cH]. They have some nice old school members like Zofija and personally that clan has the best sportsmanship in my history of SA:MP.

My 10th choice is the [420] gang. Hell yeeaaaa those boys are my homies and they play a big part of my recent SA:MP roll. It is founded by one of my clan members [uL]Kanada420 and he trains his "lil' stoner noobs" and they all end up impressing me and chilling with us in our Ventrilo. Most of them feel like they are part of the family like Devious, Chek, Spitta and Don and I personally think that they are better than quite a few of the other clans out there.

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@Taylor dont pay attention he just floods wink

1.ziP 2.KFC 3.NB 4.b64 5.SAE 6.RBK 7.xHOtx 8.RSAH 9.MOB 10.KR

This article is third most viewed on the website - about 25000 views! Good job Fisher, there is only Juggernaut better posted than you now (holds 1st and 2nd place). I never thought that text about SAMP will achieve this popularity cool

@RoCxTaylor lol please tell me what clans KFC beat that are actually stronger than KR?

"Everyone's talking about KFC being so skilled, if you look better they just beat easy clans (except mid tier clans KR and <P>).. Ask, GOV, GSE... come on, even the bunch of random players could beat them.""

Manu you're an idiot, you think everything happens through forums? not every clan post cw's on their forums. why dont you download yourself mIRC and join irc echo channels, THEN you will know all the clanwars.

Fish you got potential guest for the next ep. cool

@NONE actually nobody of those people you talked with is b64 member nor we made this text. However thanks for positive reviews and also we took care of Puerto. Thank Fisher for that wink enjoy your stay.

Wow thanks for back ups but anyways, I saw your CW results and the fact that you're coming from MTA as one of first SAMP clans just shows that I should have known more about you wink

@Puerto you should cut your bullshit as it's not really ur business "busting identities" (or should I say guessing?) even if that guy is Purple 95% of b64 never even heard of him, plus Milos himself once said that samp is past and that he wouldn't have anything against Cytro or Purple coming here and hanging around. So find another person to bother.

Fisher this looks the most popular your text so far cool

@NONE Actually Luka and Hustler are from gta mta 3/vc. Later in samp they were all gathered in one clan (b64) together with 2Good, Milos etc

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