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LRO Quotes: SAMP Legends V
This is the fifth episode of "SAMP Legends" quotes serial that is being presented on Live Radio Online. Each episode talks about something different connected to SAMP, gathering thoughts and opinions from the different people about the similar things and much more, as a reminder of the great periods of b64's history. Episodes were supposed to be presented every second week, but as we don't have enough free time there won't be specific dates when the new episodes would come out. So far the LRO guests were Zofija, FrozeN, InQ, MozZ and AlPacino, Trip and Jakez. Our guests for this episode are uGp leader J0ey and Lv founder MaZ.

Where is the real action these days? TDM or A/D?

Well, I've had experience with both. But, A/D got all my interest. Why? You know, A/D is something different. A/D is challenging unlike TDM. You don't need tactics or any special teamwork in TDM. A/D however you have to work as a team, you need tactics, need experience, skill and no mistakes are allowed if you want to beat the best. You can learn A/D easily within one week but to win any clan you need lots of experience.

Are the clans these days more friendly than they used to be?

Definitely. Clans developed a lot. Means, we've got complete new ideas of tactics, teamwork changed a lot, the use of weaponsets has been changed, people "now know how to play A/D", if you ask me. A/D back then was more like "rush rush or just camp here till our enemy comes", it wasn't any creative. Also exploring new bugs made it somehow more challing. However, clans these days aren't trustworthy anymore. I'd say every 3rd clan that actively plays A/D is using illegal programs. I really miss the old times when things like "weapon.dat" weren't known. It was quite easy to catch cheaters but now it's incredibly hard and people always give the same answers like "it's samp, deal with it". That's really a negative point which f**ks SAMP really up. Even though this had nothing to do with the main question, it still is necessary to talk about and open people's eyes. But to sum it up: yes, it definitely got harder than it used to be.

What are the top 10 current clans in your opinion?

You know, currently, there's no a such called "best clan" in SA:MP. I'm just gonna type the ones that belong to the top 10 list:

First of all I wanna mention my own clan uGp. uGp isn't perfect but when it's "all or nothing" then we give our best and we beat any clan that challenges us. When I joined uGp it was for me like a puzzle that I had to combine. Now, I almost got it done, just almost. I'm proud of what I've achieved with uGp, it's my work and I made us to one of the best clans around.

Next is TeK. Honestly, one of the clans I respect the most after my own. Great players with pretty nice personalities(more or less). They're unbelievably skilled with Deagle and are pretty strong in A/D.

U-Army: Apart from the turks-story and some really questionable players, I rank U-army of one of the top clans. They always play with tactics and mostly score. They deserve more respect in SA:MP.

MrS: Old clan but still one of the top clans. They don't really play with tactics, it's just the experience of A/D they have and the incredible skill. I respect the players there, even though some members are "doggy".

St: They haven't been that good before but now all of a sudden they started to play well. They play with tactics, have skilled players and I like that.

cH: Awesome clan. I've never seen any clan like cH before. It's a big pleasure to play with them cause they aren't one of those "drama" clans today, in fact they've never been. Fairplay & respect marks cH.

BB: You know, they really lost my respect. They aren't like they used to be. They started to insult other players, creating fake accusations and accept like every person that can c-bug "well".

I won't rank more clans. Reasons are cheating history, drama-queens, insulting players and just a disgrace for this game.

Do you think that it is now easier to become respectful than it used to be?

Not at all, nowadays the community reacts way more aggressive and immature then a few years ago. And alot of players in the competitive SAMP community seem to have problems accepting wins or losses. This results in alot of hate between clans and members.

Your personal thoughts about these clans: LAC, b64, NB, BB, NoV.

LAC: When they started they became a pretty strong clan in a really short period. But they fucked their reputation up by cheating in public servers.

b64: One of the most organized clans I've ever seen, trying to improve gameplay for both their members as others.

NB: Top, without them SAMP wouldn't be what it is now.

BB: Well personally I love this clan, always been cool with them and I know most of their members really well. I'd say that they're an icon in the SAMP community.

NoV: Don't really know them, played a few times with them and they gave me a pretty immature impression. But they don't follow the others and they stick to their own style which I admire.

What are the top 10 current clans in your opinion?

Number 1 would be uL. They're lead very well and Jakez is doing a really good job having everything organized as it should be. Since they started they had a certain reputation, and they could build their reputation out to probably the best a/d clan SAMP has. From what I've saw they didn't really had downs in their clan and they can maintain their high level.

Number 2 would be MrS. Rolling for years with the same members. Growing stronger year by year, you know that if you challenge MrS that you'll get something worth watching. They pull out the hardest fights and you can clearly see that they're used to play with each other.

Number 3 would be BB. Keeping your clan so active for all those years, in both running weapons and walking weapons. That's pretty impressive in my opinion, also their management is very well organized due to their leaders being pretty 'old'.

Number 4 is TeK. They show that you can make a top clan in no time. Having several people all working on the organization of the clan, and succeeding in what they're doing. They've built their clan out from an in my opinion random Italian TDM clan to well highly skilled a/d clan.

Number 5 is Ask. Might seem pretty weird but their members are all unique and awesome in every aspect. I have never seen and will never probably see a clan like this. They can put out the most funny situations and conversations that you've ever seen. Ask isn't just a clan, it's like a family, you get to know them personally because you spend more time with them chatting then gaming.

Number 6 is PTM. It might be that their reputation is really negative, yet they show alot of skill, teamwork and communication if it comes to a/d. And Pacino is leading his clan very well, keeping it so strong, even when almost the whole competitive SAMP community is showing hate towards his clan. I admire his strength.

Number 7 would be Lv. I think I did a really good job getting a new clan so well organized in such a short period. We've build out a nice forum, got ourselves a nice amount of known and skilled players and we're putting alot of effort and work in the improvement of our communication. I'd say if I would've created this clan 1 year earlier that we could easily compete with all other top clans in SAMP.

Number 8 is cH. They aren't the strongest clan but their one of the only clans that stay cool in every situation. Zofija can be an inspiration and an icon for alot of of SAMP players.

Number 9 would be uGp. They started as a pretty small Portuguese clan but they grown and became a pretty good organized international a/d clan. They got some pretty skilled members and they can set up a very nice fight. Tho all the drama that happens between uGp and PTM ch4oz succeeds aswell in keeping his clan on a high level. With ups and downs.

And number 10 would be x3o. These guys are an American clan, lead by my old clanmate Stealth back in the days of Ask. He  succeeded creating a clan that can both play organized and competitive. Yet his main target is creating some sort of family, where his gaming mates are together, chilling, chatting and having fun playing together. They don't really care what happens in the community. They just enjoy the time they're together.
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uL first? they're shit and cheaters, same goes for ugp but PTM, b64, BB, cH .. yes those guys definitely deserve to be on the ladder. old clans with a lot of old knowledge, they're not one of those new clans that cheat to win and call themselves pros due to cheats they won with, they HAVE REASONABLE skills because theyre old

the only one who cheated on that CW was ]uGp[P0W3R, which after getting banned after 3 rounds of toggling, uGp left and thats why they forfeited on 2-1. Stop lying, the video shows everything.


Well done, nice articles biggrin

1. RSD

Views 16k+ didn't except this much smile
Fisher you are still yet to beat Juggy tongue

today samp = who cheats more

Tek #1 !!

I guess the same guys that hosted famous SAMP:CL few years ago question


FRESH NEWS: Some Germans asking for b64 permission to make top 10 clans list in sa-mp which will be updated every month or after every big event/match (until the esl arrives).

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